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A week after series star Steven Yeun aka Mark Grayson offered some thoughts on the second season, Skybound Entertainment announced a business move that should get Invincible fans even more excited On Tuesday, it was announced that Emmy Award-winner Marge Dean (Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Crunchyroll, and more) had been appointed as Head of Skybound Entertainment's[...]
Image Comics and Skybound have announced Stillwater: The Escape #1, a new one-shot special issue of the horror comic book series from Chip Zdarsky and Ramón K Pérez Stillwater: The Escape promises to deliver "chilling tales of lives upended" in March 2022 Chip posted to his newsletter "We've rounded up some amazing talent to tell[...]
An Open Letter to Robert Kirkman Regarding GI Joe
[Photo editorial credit: DFree /] Now, that was all the advice I offered when I thought it would be Marvel or Boom getting the license, but now that I know it's Skybound, I have another idea for you, free of charge A great idea, I'm sure you'll agree. We all know that DIC taking over the[...]
Yes, Image/Skybound Want To Be New Publishers Of GI Joe & Transformers
Shoes seemed to be falling everywhere. Skybound logo Four days ago we followed up, reporting that "the most likely place to find new Transformers and GI Joe comic books later into 2022, will be Image Comics" as well as saying "I don't know whether the production will be through an existing Partner studio that publish through Image[...]
Will You Get The $2000 Invincible #1 Variant On Comics Vault Live?
Many of the year's hottest new limited-edition drops have come from Comics Vault Live, the hit stream hosted by Shawn "Big Clutch" Kirkham and produced by Skybound But the biggest drop might be their Tyler "No Relation to Big Clutch" Kirkham variant to Invincible #1 in partnership with Whatnot, the Twitch-meets-eBay app that's been signing[...]
Image and Skybound to Publish Lego Ninjago Comics
Today at The Skybound Halloween Xpo, Image Comics and Skybound announced LEGO® NINJAGO® GARMADON #1 with all those registered markings, an official new Ninjago chapter that arrives in comic shops on the 6th of April next year by writer/artist Tri Vuong from Skybound's upcoming Everyday Hero Machine Boy[...]
Take a New Look Inside The Labyrinth
Image Comics and Skybound released a new preview this week of The Labyrinth, a new "narrative art hardcover" book by Simon Stålenhag coming out in November What is a "narrative art hardcover" you ask? It's just a pretentious way of saying it's a graphic novel without words What's a graphic novel, you ask? It's just[...]
Skybound Halloween Expo Includes Lego Comic Book
The Skybound Halloween Xpo is being held on Friday, the 29th of October, from Robert Kirkman's Image Comics studio, streaming on Skybound Entertainment's YouTube and Twitch channels Which will include the debut of the first LEGO comic book from Skybound and Ameet Publishing What kind of LEGO book? We don't know[...]
Jake Gyllenhaal Bumps Oblivion Song #1 Nearly 400% to $325.00 
Even though you might know Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal more these days because he doesn't believe in showering as "necessary" or because he might still owe Taylor Swift a scarf, but he also made headlines thanks to the announcement that he will star in Universal's big-screen adaptation of Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici's Image/Skybound series Oblivion Song[...]
Invincible Sold Nearly 400,000 Graphic Novels In 2021... So Far
That sales number isn't just big for Image Comics and Skybound – it alone would catapult Kirkman, who is already one of only fifty-one creators who normally move 100K+ units in the book market (according to retailer Brian Hibbs), way up the best-selling authors list into rarified air But now we're hearing that Invincible is[...]
Ro Liefeld Vs Robert Kirkman In Skybound Xpo II Next Weekend
You've probably heard us talking about Comics Vault Live, the monthly livestream from Shawn "Big Clutch" Kirkham (SVP, Business Development at Skybound and one of the prominent names in comics collecting) Collectors have seen big returns on their limited edition drops this year But while new The Walking Dead releases continue to drive major interest,[...]
Andrea's Return to The Walking Dead (Spoilers)
Today's Skybound X #2 (of which no one has ordered enough) includes a new Stillwater character, a new end to Birthright and the first appearance of Everyday Hero Machine Boy ahead of his first graphic novel under the Skybound Comet YA line But it is also the continuance of Rick Grimes 2000 from Walking Dead[...]
Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard To Launch C.O.D.E in August
being published by Skybound/Image Comics in August, as part of Skybound X #5, making their debut Bleeding Cool has been repeatedly saying retailers have not been ordering enough copies of Skybound X and this kind of thing is the reason why. Robert Kirkman & Jason Howard Launch C.O.D.E in August C.O.D.E. tells the story of humanity in the[...]
Bleeding Cool's Comic Book and Graphic Novel JobWatch
This position will also actively interact with the Publishing Operations, Print Production, and Editorial departments regarding project and metadata creation and maintenance, reacting to manufacturing issues that affect sales or transfers of stock, and securing direction and support to various publishing programs in order to meet set goals and due dates. Public Relations Manager Skybound Entertainment, Los[...]