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Skybound Confirms Ben Abernathy As Exec Editor And Other Hires
On the 9th of January, Bleeding Cool reported that Ben Abernathy had quit the Batman Group Editor job (one that DC still hasn't found a replacement for) and on the 10th that he was heading to Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment Almost three months later and Skybound has confirmed that scoop, as another box of shoes[...]
Transformers #1 To Launch From Image Comics In October, The Energon Universe
We've been seeing the Energon Universe, Robert Kirkman's shared universe launching last June from Image & Skybound featuring the Transformers, G.I Joe and his newly created Void Rivals, dominating Marvel and DC's biggest releases both in our reporting and on Amazon's own digital rankings  turning the Big Two into The Big Two-And-A-Bit[...]
Universal Monsters: Frankenstein
Universal Monsters: Frankenstein by Michael Walsh and Toni Marie Griffin will be the next in a line of official Universal Monsters comic books from Skybound/Image Comics But it might be a little familiar… has it been created from the limbs of others? IGN got the PR ahead of the announcement at ECCC in Seattle this weekend,[...]
Skybound & Oni Give Grant To Librarians
Skybound Entertainment and Oni Press have provided funding to the American Library Association's Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table, for grants to support library workers in expanding their knowledge of, and experience with, comics in libraries Which means going to San Diego this summer… but possibly not the San Diego event you were expecting[...]
Queen Studios Reveals Realistic 1/6 Scale InArt Joker (2019) Figure
Prepare to experience the raw power and intense action of Skybound's Invincible comic series with Kinetiquettes' latest masterpiece The Omni-Man 1/4 Scale Statue has arrived and captured a pivotal moment from the gripping storyline featuring the turn and true power of Omni-Man Coming in at 20" tall, this brutal diorama showcases the deadly slaughter of[...]
Transformers #5 Rolls Out With Higher Orders Than #3 and #4
Joe properties in the pages of Void Rivals #1 last June from Image & Skybound (though I of course told you about it first). Then Daniel Warren Johnson's Transformers #1 went on to become the best-selling Hasbro comic book launch of all time, with Joshua Williamson's two G.I Joe limited series, Duke and Cobra Commander, also setting[...]
Bleeding Cool Presents Image Comics Full Solicits For April 2024
Skybound brings its first GI Joe series to an end in April 2024, with Duke #5 promising a " last page shocker that no one will see coming" Depends if they do a spoiler variant cover or not, I guess Transformers #7 promises, "After last issue's shocking ending, Starscream and Soundwave battle for leadership—and the[...]
Universal Monsters: Creature From The Black Lagoon Lives!
Ram V, Dan Watters, Matthew Roberts, and Dave Stewart are the latest to take on a Universal Monsters comic from Skybound, Image Comics and Universal Products & Experience., Universal Monsters: Creature From The Black Lagoon Lives! is a new four-issue limited comic book series by Watters, V, Roberts, and colourist Dave Stewart, for April 2024[...]
Ben Abernathy Quit DC And Batman For Robert Kirkman's Skybound?
As it stands, and as you may have gathered from this article headline, it appears that Ben Abernathy is heading to Skybound Entertainment. Ben Abernathy – YouTube screencap Skybound is an entertainment company founded in 2010 by Robert Kirkman and David Alpert, and is behind the comic, TV series, games, merchandise and now upcoming film versions of The Walking[...]
Duke #1 Makes G.I. Joe History With Nearly 70,000 Orders 
There was a whole lot of buzz leading into the FOC for Image/Skybound's Duke #1 this past Monday from Joshua Williamson, Tom Reilly and Jordie Bellaire, including some $400 sales of the high ratio variants and unique retailer video opportunities. It also doesn't hurt that Robert Kirkman's Energon Universe has arguably established the "Big Three" comic book[...]
Speculator Watch: DUKE #1 Is Already Selling For $400 
We've been telling you recently that Joshua Williamson, Tom Reilly and Jordie Bellaire's Duke #1 from Image/Skybound was getting a big push behind it, not only as part of the record-setting Energon Universe but also with some unique video incentives (for stores ordering 100 copies or more) that will allow comic shops to decide if they're Joe or Cobra. And as[...]
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Sells Over 100,000 at Skybound So Far
We've been telling you a lot about Robert Kirkman's Energon Universe – the new shared universe published by Image/Skybound featuring Transformers, G.I Joe and Void Rivals that has become the biggest Hasbro comic launch ever (as we told you first). But there's more to the deal between Skybound and Hasbro that's hit the market, namely the[...]
Arune Singh Now Vice President Brand, Editorial at Skybound
Three years ago I scooped the news that comics publicity and marketing veteran Arune Singh was leaving Boom Studios after four years.  We then discovered he was going to Skybound Entertainment as Director, Brand in their Editorial department And he gave us this photograph to use. Photo courtesy of Arune Singh. Handsome devil Previous to this, he[...]
Transformers #1 Sells Nearly 200,000- Is Duke #1 Next? 
We told you in September that Robert Kirkman's Energon Universe from Image/Skybound/Hasbro had made history, with Transformers #1 from Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer as the best-selling comic book launch this century from Hasbro and effectively turning the "Big Two" shared universes of Marvel and DC into a "Big Three". But now it looks like Joshua[...]
Speculator Watch: Energon Universe Spoiler Covers Are Your Best Bets?
We've been telling you for months about how Robert Kirkman's Energon Universe from Image/Skybound  – a new shared universe with the Transformers, G.I Joe and Void Rivals – has been exploding with collectors, from the SDCC exclusive drops that eventually passed $1200 and the more recent NYCC exclusives from Duke to the record-breaking orders for Transformers #1. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1[...]
Larry Hame GI Joe
On the 15th of November, Image Comics/Skybound will reprint the very first issue of GI Joe: A Real American Hero #1, as originally published by Marvel Comics way back in September 1983, over forty years ago Well, almost as published The solicitation states, "Celebrate the return of G.I JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO with the[...]
Speculator Watch: Did Duke #1 & Cobra Commander #1 Ashcans Win NYCC? 
Robert Kirkman and his team at Skybound came to NYCC last weekend with a big focus on the company's popular Energon Universe – the new shared universe between Daniel Warren Johnson's Transformers, Joshua Williamson's new take on G.I Joe with artists like Tom Reilly and Andrea Milana, and the new Void Rivals by Kirkman and[...]
Cover image for TRANSFORMERS #4 CVR B
The Image Comics January 2024 solicits dropped nice and big earlier today, including the Energon Universe titles of Transformers, Duke and the new Cobra Commander from Skybound/Image And Bleeding Cool has the first look at that month's worth of comics With Cobra Commander's aim to steal the Energon that powers the Transformers, while Duke is[...]
Will James Tynion IV’s Take on The Original Bat-Man Make Dracula a Hit? 
Over the last four years, there's been no more of a sure thing that James Tynion IV, whose meteoric rise in 2019 with Boom Studios' Something is Killing The Children and Batman reached even higher heights with his Image Comics hits Department of Truth and WorldTr33, capped off by an Eisner Award win just months[...]
There Is Absolutely Nothing To Spoil About Transformers #1 Except That It's Transformers
#1, Image Comics/Skybound will publish Transformers #1 from Daniel Warren Johnson The 4th of October will be a big comic book sales day, it seems Skybound has been teasing that there will be big spoilers that it has shared with retailers that may shake the world of Transformers with its arrival at Image Comics. Well, Bleeding[...]
Image Comics December 2023 Solicits
Bleeding Cool just ran the Image Comics December 2023 solicits and solicitations, including the Transformers and GI Joe titles being published by Skybound Entertainment through Image No Void Rivals in December, but Transformers #3 and Duke #1, as well as the continuing GI Joe: A Real American Hero And with Duke from Joshua Williamson, Tom[...]
Daniel Warren Johnson’s Transformers #1 Opens With Over 153,000 Orders
The buzz around Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer's Transformers #1 from Image Comics/Hasbro/Skybound has been growing, so much so that the former's art rep compared the launch to Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's The Dark Knight Returns (though looking at this 5-page preview, I think Tom King and Daniel Sampere's Wonder Woman might have[...]
Sea Serpent's Heir Book Three For This Time Next Year From Skybound
Sea Serpent's Heir Book Two: Black Wave has just come out, But what about Book Three? Skybound Comet officially announced the autumn 2024 release of Sea Serpent's Heir Book Three: Queen of Mercy, the third and final instalment of the graphic novel trilogy about growing up and changing your fate from creators Mairghread Scott (Netflix's[...]
The Creepshow Holiday Special #1 is the latest tie-in from Image Comics and Skybound with Greg Nicotero's Shudder TV series produced and licensed by Cartel Entertainment, and to be published on the 6th of December, 2023 Brian Witten is overseeing on behalf of Nicotero's Monster Agency Productions The Creepshow comic miniseries deal was brokered by[...]
Is Transformers #1 The Next Dark Knight Returns? 
Last time we were talking about relaunch of Transformers at Skybound from Daniel Warren Johnson, we were telling you that the surprised SDCC ashcan drop was already selling for $300 And in the interim, it has sold for as high as $1200 for a CGC 9.9 But more recently, the influential comics art rep Felix[...]
Robert Kirkman & Chris Samnee's Fire Power To End In December
Today Skybound Entertainment announced that the comic book series Fire Power by Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee published through Image Comics will come to a close with its 30th issue at the end of the year, on the 27th of December, with a supersized 56-page final issue, coloured by Matthew Wilson and lettered by Rus[...]
Zoe Thorogood
And in November, the multi-Eisner-nominated Zoe Thorogood will be joining Creepshow Vol 2 #3 published by Skybound/Image Comics in which she writes and draws the story of a woman who discovers the fountain of youth, and the terrifying journey into "Eternity, Eternity, Eternity" as well as drawing a cover for the comic The volume will[...]
Transformers #1 San Diego Comic-Con Ashcan Is Already At $300 
In a big year of comic book news, one of the biggest stories certainly will be Skybound stealth launching a new Transformers and GI Joe shared universe in Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici's Void Rivals #1, which I'm hearing has sold close to 150,000 copies since its launch in June I could also mention how I[...]
Image/Skybound Will Reprint Marvel & IDW Transformers & GI Joe Comics
The Energon Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con saw Joshua Williamson, Robert Kirkman and Daniel Warren Johnson talk about bringing Transformers and GI Joe comics to Skybound and Image Comics via their Void Rivals series, and teased much to come. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left:[...]