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Rorschach Creative Team Reunites for Danger Street on DC Black Label

Tom King, Jorge Fornes, and Dave Stewart, the creators who took a massive crap all over the wishes of Alan Moore and creator rights in general by participating in the creation of the unauthorized sequel to Watchmen, Rorschach, are getting the band back together for Danger Street, a new DC Black Label 12-issue series described as "a deeply layered crime drama featuring reimagined and updated versions of some of DC's most obscure and offbeat superheroes, from the DC 1st Issue Special series from the mid-1970's, and how they all struggle with PTSD."

It's Tom King, so of course it also involves Darkseid. The synopsis reads:

Joining the Justice League is a goal for any superhero, but what happens when a quest for membership takes a sinister turn? Join Starman, Metamorpho, and Warlord as they look to prove themselves worthy by summoning and defeating Darkseid in battle. Soon they'll learn that calling upon a New God never ends well, and their world is headed for disaster as a result! The journey to save the day will be a treacherous one filled with princesses, knights, and all kinds of monsters. Each person the heroes encounter plays a crucial role in this sprawling yet gripping narrative that is a little bit silly, a whole lot dark, and completely cool.

If that isn't enough to sell you on Danger Street, DC is also bringing some variant covers to the table.

Book One of this 12-issue series arrives in comic book shops and on participating digital platforms on Tuesday May 3. The debut issue features a main cover by series artist Fornés, with variant covers spotlighting characters featured in both Danger Street and the original DC 1st Issue Special series. The main variant cover is drawn by comics icon Steve Rude, with a 1-in-25 ratio variant by Lee Weeks, plus a 1-in-50 ratio variant from Ben Oliver. Check local comic book shops for details and pre-ordering.

Highway to the Danger Street! Ride into the Danger Street! Check out the covers and some preview art below.

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