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The cover to Batman: One Dark Knight by Jock
In a choice for an upcoming DC Black Label book hitting stores in December sure to shake the publishing world to its foundations, superstar artist Jock has chosen Batman as the subject In landing on this choice, Jock scoured through every possible option of Black Label subject matter, which to date includes: Batman, The Joker,[...]
Lonely City: Cliff Chiang Catwoman Series Set for DC Black Label
This October, Cliff Chiang will write, draw, color, and letter a new 4-issue Catwoman series for DC Black Label called Catwoman: Lonely City The story takes place a decade after Batman, The Joker, Nightwing, and Jim Gordon were all killed and Catwoman sent to prison Now she's our, Harvey Dent is the mayor, and hilarity,[...]
Bill Willingham Fables Returns With #151 - But First, Batman vs. Bigby
DC Comics has announced the return of the popular DC Vertigo series Fables with Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham as a DC Black Label beginning with Fables #151 as well as a six-issue mini-series Batman vs Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham by Bill Willingham with pencils by Brian Level, inks by Jay Leisten, and colours[...]
The Nice House On The Lake #1 Review: Diaphanous, Clever
Credit: DC Black Label Let's start with the degree of difficulty This book's story hinges on twelve main characters There is a nifty little narrative device here that gets you into each one quickly, using the last one added to the "cast" as a perspective character That is absolutely not easy, and despite all the work[...]
Brian Azzarello & Alex Maleev's Black Label Suicide Squad: Get Joker
It had been noted that there hadn't been a new prestige-format Black Label in the manner in which former Senior Editor Mark Doyle had intended the imprint to be used for, in quite some time And now we do Thought this one has been in the works for three years or more. Brian Azzarello & Alex[...]
Garth Ennis & Liam Sharp Batman/Killer Croc Comic From DC Black Label
Garth Ennis and Liam Sharp are working together for the first time on Batman/Killer Croc, a new comic book from DC/Black Label, Batman: Reptilian, out in June Garth Ennis isn't usually one for superhero comics, and when he gets near them, people start vomiting on Batman or sexually violating Green Lantern But he popped by[...]
IDW Make DC/Black Label Founder, Mark Doyle, Editorial Director
Mark Doyle founded the Black Label imprint at DC Comics Bleeding Cool first got a whiff of it back in 2017, but soon it all came together and DC Comics made a lot of money from prestige format mature readers comics with their biggest names, as well as bringing in Gerard Way to DC for[...]
In Hellblazer: Rise And Fall #3 – Everyone Gets A Gun!
Bleeding Cool has mocked comic book writer Tom Taylor and artist Darick Robertson for their Hellblazer: Rise And Fall mini-series for DC Comics' Black Label Specifically for the decision to portray British police carrying handguns as a matter of course With Tom Taylor's reason that he simply didn't realise that they didn't And that it's[...]
Jeff Lemire Has Two DC Black Label Comics, One With Doug Mahnke
But he also talked about two planned projects for DC Comics as part of their mature readers superhero line, Black Label. I also wrote two new DC Black Label series last year that have not been announced yet, but both are being drawn as we speak One is being drawn by Doug Mahnke, whom I have[...]
V For Vendetta Gets Its First Black Label Edition
Vertigo was done away with by DC President Pamela Lifford, instead it will now be published under DC's Black Label, originally a curated imprint for mature readers prestige superhero comic books, but now just used as an age-related suitability indicator Up for FOC this weekend, it will be republished in paperback on December 15th The[...]
DC Comics Makes
How do these killings tie to the first death on John's hands? How does this involve heaven and hell? Even if this is kind of John's fault, will Constantine be happy to let a few more rich bastards fall from the sky, like a vindictive Robin Hood? It's an all-new DC Black Label mystery starring[...]
Action Comics #1023
But it seems that Superman has a bit of an issue with Black Label – no not the DC Comics mature readers not-an-imprint-but-suitable-reading-age-signifier Black Label And in Metropolis, it's a name for one of Leone's clubs. The kind of place all the big dicks hang out And a place where one can do the kind of[...]
Hellblazer: Rise And Fall Gives Us John Constantine With Wings
Comic book author of DCeased Tom Taylor posted the following news on Twitter concerning a new Hellblazer series. Announcing HELLBLAZER: RISE & FALL! I'm teaming with my good mate and superstar artist @DarickR (THE BOYS, TRANSMETROPOLITAN) on a Black Label series for @DCComics We've been working on this in secret for a long time, and it's[...]