Scarlet Witch Is Hydra? Burn, Internet, Burn…

Okay, so if people kicked off at Magneto possibly being a member of Hydra, because he's a Holocaust survivor and Hydra are Nazis, despite his having a long history of being a genocidal fascist…

…I think we can take it that the reaction to his no-longer-a-daughter Scarlet Witch, child of Romani parents being a member of the Hydra Avengers, will be similarly – if not more so pronounced.


Alongside The Vision and Thor Odinson as well, and Deadpool too I suppose, without any of the usual necessary brainwashing. Unless it was all Doctor Faustus. But Hydra don't have the cosmic cube yet…



You don't hear her speak. You don't get any reason or justification for these Avengers to be Hydra when others are part of the Resistance. Maybe that is to come.

But, damn.

Secret Empire #1 by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven is published today by Marvel Comics.

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