SCOOP: How Clark Kent & Jon Kent Get Superman Secret Identities Back

Yesterday, our friends at Comic Book got word from their media partner DC Comics that Superman's Clark Kent and Jon Kent will be getting their secret identities as Superman back, with Action Comics #1050, on sale in December 2022. They were followed up by Screen Rant, Superman Homepage, CBR, and of course, Bleeding Cool. Well, let's see who follows this one up, because since then, Bleeding Cool has learned the "how" it will happen. Spoilers, of course. No, seriously. Superspoilers. You have been warned.

Exactly How Clark Kent & Jon Kent Get Superman Secret Identities Back

The clue is at the end of Action Comics #1049, with Manchester Black, a character created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke as a parody of Warren Ellis characters Spider Jerusalem,  and both Jack Hawksmoor and Jenny Sparks of The Authority, but now part of regular Superman continuity.

SCOOP: How Clark Kent & Jon Kent Get Superman Secret Identities Back

Manchester Black is a powerful telekinetic and telepath who can create very detailed illusions on a vast scale, erase memories, and can telepathically control thousands of minds at the same time. And he is under the control of Lex Luthor. That is the "how", at least in part.

Bleeding Cool has learned that in upcoming Superman comic books, it is revealed that not only has Manchester Black made everyone forget that Clark Kent and Jon Kent are Supermen, but that anyone who finds out will be killed. It is notable that the Hive Mind pitch for the Superman books from Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Mark Waid and Tom Peyer would have had Lois Lane made to forget Clark Kent was Superman, by making the chemical that contained the memory, poisonous. Well, this time around, it looks like Lois Lane will remember, as will his immediate family protected by the Smallville forcefield, and those like the Justice League who have strong telepathic shields. And also people won't be able to perceive photos, articles or files containing the information that Clark Kent is Superman. The world has been made to forget. And that is Project Blackout.

As for the "why" and the implications this may hold, well, that's all to come. But no deal with the devil necessary.

Clark Kent & Jon Kent To Get Their Superman Secret Identities Back
Clark Kent & Jon Kent To Get Their Superman Secret Identities Back

The Dark Crisis is over, and a new dawn shines on the DCU! In the wake of cataclysmic battles with Mongul, Henry Bendix, and Pariah's Dark Army, Kal-El is back on Earth and here to stay. And the people of our planet are ready to look up, up, and away into a brighter tomorrow. Well…most of the people. Clark Kent's reunion with Lois and his son, Jon Kent, proves fleeting when strikes the ultimate attack from Superman's greatest adversary: Lex Luthor. But this time something is different…Luthor has stolen something from Clark's life, something so important that it will change the very planet itself! If you think you've seen the biggest battle between Superman and Lex Luthor–think again! This clash will rock the course of their lives forever…and it's only the beginning. Two years' worth of Superman stories come to a head in this oversize anniversary issue with all-star talent that launches Superman and the DCU into an exciting new era!In Shops: Dec 27, 2022
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