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Exactly How Clark Kent & Jon Kent Get Superman Secret Identities Back
You have been warned. The clue is at the end of Action Comics #1049, with Manchester Black, a character created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke as a parody of Warren Ellis characters Spider Jerusalem,  and both Jack Hawksmoor and Jenny Sparks of The Authority, but now part of regular Superman continuity. Manchester Black is a powerful telekinetic[...]
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Manchester Black time! In June 2020,  Bleeding Cool scooped the gossip that Superman was going to be the new leader of The Authority It was a big story, but plenty of people didn't believe it The usual way of things At the time, the comic book had recently seen Superman come out as being Clark[...]
Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow As Phoenix?
Manchester Black, in Superman And The Authority by Grant Morrison and Mikel Janin would rather it be delivered in a liquid form up a straw Beats a powdered form up a twenty pound note, I suppose. For Supergirl, the transformation seems an oddly familiar one, into a bird of fire And looking the spitting image of[...]
'Supergirl' Season 4, Episode 12 "Menagerie" Teamwork (Kinda) Makes the Dream Work [SPOILER REVIEW]
Meanwhile, inside the prison…Menagerie gets a letter: fancy, sealed with wax…and from Manchester Black (David Ajala). Could he be putting together a team? The Elite? What a tease! Speaking of teases, we also see Jimmy and Lena's relationship dissolving We could blame it on Valentine's Day…but it has more to do with Lena considering licensing her research[...]
Supergirl Season 4, Episode 8 'Bunker Hill': The Road to "Elseworlds" Ends Strong (RECAP)
What an action-packed night as The Girl of Steel (Melissa Benoist) finally faces down both Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) and Manchester Black (David Ajala) in what's essentially our mid-season finale And, of course, there is setup for next week's "Elseworlds" crossover. What happened? (relatively spoiler free) Supergirl and Manchester Black are both on the hunt for Agent[...]
Supergirl Season 4: Where We Stand on The Road to "Elseworlds"
But when Fiona (Tiya Sircar), one of his students goes missing, he begins to wonder if he can get her back without resorting to more violent means.; in contrast, Manchester Black (David Ajala) – Fiona's boyfriend – is committed to finding her by any means necessary He is violent, mercenary, and super-duper charming. The Sons have[...]
Look, Up in the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Melissa Benoist Filming 'Supergirl' Season 4!
With a new season comes new cast members, including: Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner as Vice President Baker; Rhona Mitra as Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor's one-time bodyguard and also a "human first" supporter; Nicole Maines as transgender superhero Dreamer; Sam Witwer as anti-alien activist Agent Liberty; Robert Baker as Mercy's brother and enforcer, Otis; April Parker Jones[...]
Supergirl Season 4: Has the Next Big Bad Been Figured Out?
In this case, most everyone is translating the description and the name Chester Green to mean the Superman villain Manchester Black. Manchester Black started out as an anti-hero and the leader of a group called The Elite He was created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke in Action Comics #775 He and the Elite believed that[...]