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DC Comics Makes A Bunch Bigger Change To Their New Superman Today...
Or that Jon Kent, the new Superman of Earth, and the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, is a bisexual young man and in a pregnant poignant pause, he takes the moment to kiss the subject of his recent affection, journalist Jay Nakamura But we also teased something else regarding a new look for[...]
Bisexual Kisses And Capes In Superman: Son Of Kal-El #5, Out Tomorrow
That may calm down a little tomorrow, depending on the media I guess, we'll see. In which we see Jay Nakamura helping Jon Kent get a better night's sleep And waking with a cup of Batman coffee… Well, he is a growing young man in all sorts of ways, he clearly needs his beauty sleep[...]
Hi-Fi Studios Are The New Colourists Of Superman: Son Of Kal-El #5
But this time, it mostly seems to be people getting very angry on social media and screaming into YouTube videos for unspecified reasons. A couple of months ago, Bleeding Cool first told you that Jon Kent, son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and the new Superman of Earth, would be revealed as a bisexual young man[...]
Jon Kent, Son Of Superman, As An Environmental Activist
In his wake, he has left his and Lois Lane's newly aged-up son, Jon Kent in charge as the Superman of Earth in his absence Clark Kent's trip to WarWorld is set to be a long one, with creators promising a bigger and more impactful story than The Death Of Superman in the mid-nineties We[...]
PrintWatch: Many More Printings For Superman: Son of Kal-El
Powerful forces have been threatened by Jon Kent's first leaps in his father's boots It's hard to hurt a man of steel, but his loved ones make a much easier target Jon's world is about to come crashing down.In Shops: Nov 24, 2021 Final Orders Due: Oct 31, 2021 SRP: $3.99 And that's what happens when[...]
Jon Kent's Boyfriend Has Superpowers, But is it Just a Phase? Spoilers
In the previous issue, Jon Kent had taken Jay Nakamura to meet his family, only for Henry Bendix, President of Gamorra, to drop a superhuman gravity bomb in the Smallville Farm obliterating it All because a) Jon Kent had made a stand protecting Gamorran refugees to the USA and b) Clark Kent is off to[...]
After After Superman: Son Of Kal-El News, Peter Tomasi Reunites Super SonsNews, Peter Tomasi Reunites Super Sons
It's been a busy week for Jon Kent, the new Superman of DC Comics, and son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane Cited by state senators and has-been actors as all that is wrong with Superman and America, DC confined what Bleeding Cool readers had known for six weeks, that Jon Kent was to come[...]
In Superman: Son of Kal-El #9, DC Comics' current Superman and  Clark Kent's 17-year-old Jon Kent came out as bisexual, with Jon kissing his boyfriend Jay Nakamura in the widely-circulated image from the comic "I've always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes, and I'm very grateful DC and Warner[...]
Jonathan Kent, The New Superman, Out As Bisexual From DC Comics
Back in August, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Jon Kent, son of Clark Kent, and Lois Lane, the new Superman of Earth, was to be revealed by DC Comics to be a bisexual young man A character who has appeared in the comics in recent years, now growing up and discovering his identity, as[...]
dc legends
DC Legends, the mobile game where players gather a team of up to four heroes and villains from across the DC Universe to face off against Nekron and his Black Lanterns and Manhunters, has confirmed the upcoming characters that will be added to the game in January 2018. And it's all a bit Superman-themed to begin[...]
Superman #28 Review: A Heartfelt Payment Of Respects
Clark Kent, Jon Kent, and Lois Lane are taking a family vacation to Washington for Independence Day (which is, coincidentally, the name of the story) They visit some monuments and significant sites, they witness some protests, and then they go down to Gettysburg There, they meet a family who is celebrating the birthday of a[...]