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Scott Snyder on Death Metal, Doomsday Clock, 5G and What Comes Next

The new DC Daily video interviews Scott Snyder at him, catching up with his family life, during the current situation. And so we get a little promotional talk for his upcoming (whenever it may be) Dark Nights: Death Metal with Greg Capullo. But we also got an idea of what might be following that from Snyder, something he has been reticent to talk about previously.

Scott Snyder says that he's been reading Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier as inspiration for his post-Death Metal project which "ties into the idea of creating a big new take on classic characters."

Snyder revived the Justice Society Of America in his recent Justice League run, and he did seem to have unfinished business with them. The assumption was that they may be returning, along with everyone else, in Death Metal. Especially given the set up he gave them with Bryan Hitch in Wonder Woman #750.

Scott Snyder on what Death Metal means to him.

Scott Snyder he talked further about Death Metal. About how he and Greg 's plan was to "take sort of elements of the stories that fans loved and should be impactful to the DCU and bring them all into one big connective story. So what Doctor Manhattan did in Doomsday Clock, what's been happening in Leviathan, what happened all the way back to Crisis on Infinite Earths through multiple Crises, is all referenced in Death Metal."

"So that's how you make it bigger to me. The point wasn't to make more evil Batmen or more you know. We did, there's many more. There's hundreds of evil Batmen in this and all that stuff is in there. It's like it's definitely like a rock party out of control in the desert, Burning Man you know, like, apocalyptic celebration."

Keeping it personal.

"That said it's really, at heart, a personal story that says all. A DC history everything that you've read over the years will be rewarded that it's one giant story no matter how far away we get from each other. Even if we wind up separating on certain books when they should be closer together. Even if you read something that didn't connect. We're all part of one big generational story and it's a message that I feel is really resonant right now."

"You know we're at a moment when we're all alone or isolated you know because of what's going on in the world and I think also just because that's the way it was before we actually had to hunker down. There was a sense of a divisive mess and what Metal was about because there was a moment like that then in 2017."

"What Death Metal is about now, I think, is that a sense of the real heroism and what our superheroes stand for is a recognition of humility and a sense of being small and sacrificing the way doctors do. The way people are on the frontlines now. That's what Death Metal is about. It's saying every story that you've read matters. Every little action matters. Everything is resonant, everything has repercussions, everything is legacy and we want it to be one story that says we're all in it together."

Ask Scott Snyder anything.

He echoed much of this in a recent DC Community AMA with more to share. On how his Justice League run will tie in with Death Metal "to conclude some of the crucial threads about Hawkgirl, J'onn, Jarro and others – shhh)."

Then, how Doomsday Clock will figure. "Doomsday Clock DOES play a big part in Death Metal. Nothing we do will change the (amazing) events of that book, but the effects of Manhattan's actions reverberate throughout the start of the story. The goal with Death Metal is to say – look, DC has had all these great stories from long ago to just this year, but (if we're being honest) we've become too disconnected in out continuity. Black Label, other imprints, it's great to have standalone stories."

"But in mainline DC, it's become hard to tell what our history is, what connects. The Post-It on my computer for Death Metal is "everything matters" and our goal is reward you guys for your years of dedication and passion for these characters and stories by honoring as much as we can of the past, while blasting forward in the most fun way possible."

Everything matters to Scott Snyder

Now, "everything matters" was the slogan Bleeding Cool reported was part of the new DC Timeline, in which the truncated timeline of the New 52 was to be expanded across a near-century of continuity, beginning with World War II. These Four Generations wee then intended to set up 5G – or Generation Five – which would have replaced the main books with new characters. That was before its instigator, DC publisher Dan DiDio, was fired. Everything changed.

So what of the Generations Zero to Five books that were planned to start in May? They are still happening but their purpose has changed. Scott says "Generations is more of a recounting of DC History right now, rather than being a big catalyst for things. The reconnecting of continuity – making it all one big story – is our job via Death Metal and we're honoured and humbled and excited and terrified to be doing it."

Scott Snyder talks Dark Nights: Death Metal, and more
Scott Snyder talks Dark Nights: Death Metal, and more


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