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"Stranger Things" Video Store Fridays: Timeline, 13th Warrior & More

Just because Netflix and The Duffer Bros' (Matt and Ross Duffer) Stranger Things 4 is one of many shows whose productions are grounded over the growing coronavirus pandemic, doesn't mean you can't get your Upside-Down fix. Head on over to Carpool Karaoke: The Series (after you're done reading about this week's "Video Store Fridays", that […]

Jim Lee - Not "Ageing Up Characters or Shuffling Them Off" For 5G

Jim Lee – Not "Ageing Up Characters or Shuffling Them Off" For 5G

While sketching on panel at C2E2 last weekend, DC Publisher Jim Lee asked the crowd 'heard any good rumours lately?' He was initially talking about rumours launched after the departure from DC of publisher Dan DiDio by the likes of Ethan Van Sciver, that AT&T was planning to shutter DC Comics publishing if their upcoming Bleeding […]

Justice League Odyssey #19 Keeps Rewriting the Timeline Too Spoilers

Justice League Odyssey #19 Keeps Rewriting the Timeline Too (Spoilers)

Today's Flash #750 reveals a new self-contradictory timeline, which Wally West's Dr Manhattan-powered up Pariah must find a way to sort out. But maybe it's more that just the machinations of Manhattan that got it that way? Because today's Justice League Odyssey #19 has Epoch. The Lord of Time, making big plans for everyone and […]

Post-Dan DiDio Changes, Already Happening at DC Comics?

I understand that it is too late to affect Flash #750, out at C2E2today and in comic stores on Wednesday. But it appears that a number of writers who have been working on upcoming comic books in line with the new DC Timeline, as of yesterday are being asked to make significant changes. The original […]

Gossip: Luke Fox, Jonathan Kent - What DC Comics' 5G is All About

AT&T and Warner Bros – The Real Driving Force Behind DC Comics' 5G

Some people have decided, it seems, that Dan DiDio was fired as Publisher at Warner Bros because of the 5G/Generation Five relaunch he instigated within the company over the last nine months. This is not true – and yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported, after talking to creators, that 5G was very much still on the books, […]

DC Cancels Supergirl in May

Twenty-Eight DC Comics Selling Fewer Copies Than Supergirl

So, Supergirl is cancelled with #42 in May. A surprising cancellation, I'll grant you. But if it's a sales consideration… what other DC Comics regular series sell fewer copies? And could they also be in danger? Bleeding Cool added up the card stock combined covers, and here are the titles DC COmics is currently publishing, […]

Tom King Says That Alfred's Death Will Set Up The Events Of 5G

Tom King was a guest on John Sientres' Word Balloon podcast over the weekend. During which he talked about all manner of comics and movie projects, but also the end of his run on Batman and his plans for Batman/Catwoman with Clay Mann. When being asked about his decision to kill Alfred Pennyworth off and […]

Frank Tieri Rewrites the Marvel Universe in Ravencroft

Today's Justice League #39 On Whether Doomsday Clock is DC Canon or Not (Spoilers)

This is a panel from towards the end of today's Justice League #39 by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez. With the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger narrating the nature of the character's reality. 'Events that unfolded outside your purview, some disconnected from your reality altogether but deeply felt and impactful.' It's one of a number […]