Scott Snyder Says Detective Chimp Will Play A Prominent Role In DC's Metal

Octavio Karbank write from New York Comic Con for Bleeding Cool

Last year, Mr Scott Snyder was taken completely unawares by the fact that he had a personalized panel at the end of New York Comic Con. It was a whole ordeal that left him feeling just rotten. This year however, Mr. Snyder appeared early. Despite the Lovecraftian nightmare of a schedule he's endured over the past few days, he still powered through, summoning enough energy to stand for 30 minutes and answer any and all questions. This wasn't necessarily a panel with breaking news, but Mr. Snyder considered it a way to thank everyone who supports him.

And yes, the panel was only half an hour, as opposed to the full hour that panels usually are, but everyone was happy and thankful to be in the presence of Mr. Snyder. Here was a man who hasn't let fame go to his head, thanking his lucky stars each and every day for the opportunity to write Batman comics.
After a long and convoluted journey, Scott Snyder finally made it big, and the fact isn't lost on him. As much as his readers and fans adore his stories, he adores his fans and their reactions to his stories. Mr. Snyder is the kind of man who's going to stay around for as long as we want him to; he doesn't want to overstay his welcome. I don't believe he ever will.

There aren't enough words to detail just how prolific a creator Scott Snyder is and the influence he's had on comics as a whole. His work on Batman changed the landscape of the character and introduced an entire new group of fans to the Dark Knight and his epic mythos.

During the panel, most of what was said has been heard before, yet there's a certain sense of comfort in returning to the familiar. Yet out of the entire panel, there were two interesting points made along the way that merit a bit of attention. Firstly, someone in the audience brought up politics and whether DC didn't let Mr. Snyder include his political views in his Batman work. To that, Scott replied by essentially saying DC Comics didn't forbid him, one way or the other. However, he doesn't see Batman as either being part of the Left or the Right. Simply put, Batman wants to show you that it doesn't matter whose side you're on, but what matters is that you don't give in to your worst instincts; you behave accordingly to your best self.


Towards the end of the panel, someone else asked if there are any characters Scott would like to write after Batman. While he's gone on the record plenty of times saying he'd like to write Wonder Woman, but he'd also like to do a Detective Chimp story. The answer got a great deal of laughter, but Mr. Snyder informed us, that in between issue #5 and #6 of Dark Knights: Metal, there would be a story published called Dark Knights Rising: The Metal Hunt. In said story, Detective Chimp would be playing a prominent role as he explored realms of the multiverse readers are unfamiliar with. For all you Detective Chimp fans out there, you have something to look forward to!

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