SDCC 2014: DC Digital Panel – Flash, Arrow, Sensation, Injustice, And More

dc logoLiveblog archive from earlier today by Madeline Ricchuito:

Featuring: Marc Guggenheim, Chadwick, Marguerite Bennett, Ralph Garman, Cat Staggs, Freddie E Williams II.

I've been assured this panel will be pretty big in terms of news, so I'm going to run it as a liveblog. We started off the hour with intros and a "Happy 75th to Batman" shoutout. Also: Starbucks members get. Free Batman download. Fun.

Injustice, based off the video game of the same name, is set to end Year Two with a big surprise and a showdown between the Green Lanterns and Superman. The Annual will bridge the 7-month gap between Year One and Year Two in the Injustice world.

Marguerite Bennett, writer of the annual, spent some timetalking bout how Injustice doesn't have to follow the same status quo of regular DCU.

Year Three is going to focus on magic, as it is Superman's other weakness. John Constantine will get drawn into the fray, with something personal bringing him in to fight alongside Batman.

Flash: Season Zero, which will work alongside the TV show, and is a digital comic being released every monday, alternating with the Arrow book. It lunches on September 8th. The comic will take place between the pilot and first episode of the show.

Arrow Season 2.5 is comic supplement to the TV show, taking place between seasons 2 and 3, with an over-arching story delivered to you every other monday.

Sensation Comics, a new digital comic featuring Wonder Woman, will be much like "Tales of the Dark Knight" with new creative teams every chapter or so. Launches August 13th. Gail Simone taking point on the first two chapters.

Cat Staggs, artist for the third chapter, called it a "dream come true" to work on the book.

Batman Beyond 2.0, will take place during Terry's missing year, has just debuted and includes the Phantasm and questions of trust. Terry discovers some secrets and has to make a big choice. Kyle Higgins, writer, mentioned that it is his "Return of the Joker" and calls Chapter 28 the "big one." Out every Saturday.

Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse is based on a MOBA game. For the first six issues, the covers will connect together. As it involves several different realities, the team-ups will prove interesting. There is a nightmare world, Gaslight, Atomic World, an arcane world, among others. One of the Gaslight issues involves a 400lbs Joker, which is an example of the kind of changes that readers should expect. The theme of the book is bizarre, so tread with caution.

Smallville: Chaos is working toward its own version of Infinite Crisis. The Monitors and Darkseid make an appearance.

Teen Titans Go! Has its own digital tie-in using DC Squared, which uses layered art and improvised "motion" like Marvel's Infinite Comics.

Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga is going to be running through the entire series over 52 weeks digitally. Trades will be available later this year. The digital version swipes right-to-left.

Batman '66 has Chapter 39 (Issue #13 in Print) available now. Batman '66 meets the Green Hornet chapter 3 goes on sale digitally on July 30th, in stores September 3rd. They broughtback the original villain that tied all four heroes together, Captain (now General) Gumm and paired him up with the Joker.

Batman '66: The Lost Episode, deals with the lost outline for a final episode of the Adam West TV show. DC bought the rifhts to Harlan Ellison's outline, and have finally put it together. As a digital comic. On sale in November.

Fan Question: Dream Comic crossovers?

Batman '66 Beyond: Adam West playing himself now.
Supernatural Smallville
Injustice and Batman Beyond
Wonder Woman and Scooby Doo 2.0 or Injustice Scribblenauts
Batman '66 Infinite Crisis
Batman '66 meets Wonder Woman '75 and Batman '99

Question: More Justice League Beyond in Batman Beyond?

Answer: not right now, but…… "Never say never"

Question: Who kept the character designs from Teen Titans to Teen Titans Go!?

Answer: "Don't mess with Murakami"

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