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SCOOP: DC To Launch Batman Beyond: Neo Year #1 In April 2022
Bleeding Cool has the scoop that DC Comics is to launch a new series, Batman Beyond: Neo Year in April 2022, spinning out of the current revival of the series and concept in Batman Urban Legends And we have the proof, such as it is, right here, from an upcoming DC Comics publication. SCOOP: DC To[...]
Sean Gordon Murphy Previews His Unnamed Unannounced Batman Comic
And with Terry McGinnis, known as the Batman Beyond, who has stolen one of Bruce Wayne's suits Here's a look at what Sean Gordon Murphy can't quite talk about yet. Sean Gordon Murphy Previews His Unnamed Unannounced Batman Comic Sean Gordon Murphy: Deep in the ruins of Wayne Manor… Sean Gordon Murphy: Inking the suit with a calligraphy[...]
Batwoman Beyond Arrives From McFarlane Toys To Save Future Gotham
Coming out of the DC Comics comic storyline Batman Beyond: Future End, the future is in grave danger, and a new hero rises With the disappearance of the previous user of Batman, Terry McGinnis, Gotham needs help The future daughter of Dick Grayson is stepping up and becoming the new protector of the future as[...]
Batman Beyond Gets a Full Figure Reveal From McFarlane Toys
It is time to go beyond as Terry McGinnis dons the iconic cowl of the dark knight and becomes Batman Beyond McFarlane Toys has already revealed this figure, but now we are getting a full look at the upcoming DC Multiverse design Batman Beyond starts off a new build-a-figure wave that will be exclusive to[...]
DC Future State Gossip: Dee-Dee Joins Poison Ivy and Catwoman?
More on that later, but that is how they come across Dee-Dee, standing for Domestic Droid. Dee-Dee, in the future-set Batman Beyond cartoon, were twin sisters Delia Dennis and Deirdre Dennis, the granddaughters of Harley Quinn Under the common alias Dee Dee, they joined the Jokerz and followed in their grandmother's footsteps as "hench-wenches" of the[...]
Batman Beyond Incoming As McFarlane Toys Unveils New Figure
That's right, McFarlane Toys has announced at Batman Beyond will be getting his very own action figure in Spring 2021 It is unclear if this is part of a new wave of figures or if he will be getting a solo release McFarlane Toys has only released one single image showcasing their new figure, getting[...]
L-R: Tyler Posey arrives for the Netflix 'The Last Summer' Premiere on April 29, 2019 in Hollywood, CA. Editorial credit: DFree / \ A still from Batman Beyond (1999). Credit: Warner Bros. Animation
That's right, Tyler Posey wants to play Batman Beyond, aka Terry McGinnis on screen, as he told Collider during a recent interview. L-R: Tyler Posey arrives for the Netflix 'The Last Summer' Premiere on April 29, 2019, in Hollywood, CA Editorial credit: DFree / A still from Batman Beyond (1999) Credit: Warner Bros Animation Tyler Posey[...]
The Evolution of Batman | DC Animated History
That why DC released a new video honoring Batman's evolving animation history- from Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond to The Batman vs Dracula and (yes) Teen Titans GO!. The Evolution of Batman | DC Animated History From "Caped Crusader" and "Dark Knight" to "The World's Greatest Detective," here's a look back at Batman's every-evolving animated[...]
Batman Beyond Cancelled, Aquaman Endless Winter, DC December Solicits
The December 2020 solicitations also show that Batman Beyond is cancelled with #50, and Batman Adventures reprint series, cancelled with #7 There are also a bunch of DC Dark Multiverse one-shots and Jinny Hex gets her own one-shot too. BATMAN/CATWOMAN #1 written by TOM KING art and cover by CLAY MANN variant cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS variant[...]
Batwoman -- "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two" -- Image Number: BWN108c_0150.jpg -- Pictured: Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
One of the biggest moments from the crossover came during the ninth episode of Batwoman, with "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two" when Kate Kane aka Batwoman (Ruby Rose) and Kara Danvers aka Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) met Earth-99's Bruce Wayne (veteran Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy)- and let's just say this was definitely not the[...]
Batman Beyond Jets on in With New Hot Toys Figure
Batman Beyond is back yet again as Hot Toys announces their new sixth scale figure Unlike the animated series, this costume is based on its appearance from the video game Batman: Arkham Knight. Which is a more armored styled take on the batsuit compared to its sleek animated design This is still a kickass figure that any[...]
Batman Beyond Goes Festive with Our Heroic Holiday Guide
Batman Beyond has arrived and he is here just in time for our last holiday guide Holidays are finally upon us with next week finally being the day our kids and collectors dream for as I can get new toys When is the last holiday guides we wanted to touch on was one of the[...]
Batwoman Beyond Means Batman Beyond #37 Gets a Second Printing
The debut of a "Beyond" version of Batwoman in the pages of Batman Beyond #37 was a big hit with comic book readers when it went on sale October 23rd from DC Comics Copies have been selling on eBay for up to twenty bucks as a result. So clearly DC Comics wants a bit of that[...]
Is There An Earlier First Appearance Of Luke Fox?
Batwing #20 has also been affected, the first appearance of Luke Fox, in the Batwing suit, selling for $30 to $35. But could there be a challenger to both? In Batman Beyond Unlimited #2 from 2012? Because of the son of Lucius Fox appeared in a different role earlier than Batwing #19 The future-set Batman Beyond Unlimited[...]