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Shocking Secrets Behind Marvel Continuity Revealed In Reading Order Guides Inside New Collections


Upcoming Marvel Comics collected editions will be more than just a great way for you to catch up on Marvel stories you may have missed while simultaneously being solely to blame for the cancellation of your favorite books because you didn't pre-order, you terrible person.

In addition to featuring content that you should have purchased site unseen months before they was released but you didn't because you don't care about comics, new collected editions from Marvel will also feature reading order guides to help you figure out which collections to buy next if you want to follow Marvel's continuity, which is often made slightly confusing by Marvel's habit of relaunching their comics with new #1 issues roughly once every 12-18 months, resulting in multiple volumes with the same number that require a degree in symbology to decode.


Thankfully, Marvel has enlisted the help of the world's leading symbologist, Harvard professor Robert Langdon, to figure this out. Following hidden clues inside the original artwork of mysterious comics legend Jack Kirby, which led Langdon on a worldwide hunt that eventually led him to the proper reading order for four Marvel characters, including Captain America (both the Nazi one and the one who's not a Nazi), Deadpool, and Black Widow. Langdon plans to continue unraveling this ancient mystery, looking to decipher the reading order for more characters such as Hawkeye, Jessica Jones, Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, Moon Knight, Thor, Old Man Logan, Avengers, Inhumans, Star-Lord, and Star Wars, just as soon as he dispatches a secret society of DC fanboys that have been working to stop him.

In the meantime, ICv2 has images of the four codexes that will appear in upcoming collections:

blackwidowchronology captainamericachronology deadpoolchronology notnazicaptainamercachronology

As previously reported, Marvel also plans to publish a separate reading order guide to their last twelve or so relaunches in April.

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