Sideways #1 Review: A Charming Character in a Meandering Book

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Derek is a teenager with the ability to open up rifts that allow him to travel from place to place. He is also very strong, and his friend, Ernie, knows about this and even made his costume for him.

He goes to high school like a normal teenager. His mother is over-protective, not knowing that Derek is a new powered and masked individual named Sideways.

Sideways #1 cover by Kenneth Rocafort
Sideways #1 cover by Kenneth Rocafort

Sideways is a charming character. He's an upbeat teenager. He likes to goof around. He has his issues, but he gets on. His first instinct wasn't to just become a superhero; he made a YouTube channel with which to exhibit his abilities in the hopes of getting subscribers.

That last bit does feel like Sideways is trying a little too hard to appeal to the youths. With that in mind, Sideways isn't likely aimed at me.

In fact, that's definitely true because I'm not sure I am up for another comic about a teenaged metahuman who just trips into heroics. The last run of Nova felt like this too, and that's why it really didn't work for me.

Now, bear in mind that this first arc may pose an origin story for Sideways becoming a more devoted hero. That's fine, and a decent direction to take the character. However, it leaves Sideways #1 feeling aimless and a little dull.

It does get a bit more interesting towards the end, but it cuts itself off before really grabbing me.

Kenneth Rocafort is a fantastic artist, and his work is definitely the highlight of the comic. His linework and detailing has always been distinctive and eye-catching. It brings a unique atmosphere to the comic, which admittedly may not be the best fit for the tone and personality of Sideways. However, it's still quite appealing, and I'm always glad to see him getting work. I also dig the costume.

Sideways #1 is a charming enough comic. It's definitely geared towards a teenage audience, but gives the impression that this will be a more meandering book that focuses around the personal and social life. That's fine, but Derek unfortunately doesn't bring enough to the table to keep it interesting. Rocafort's art is as phenomenal as ever, but it feels a little wasted on this comic.

I can't recommend this one, unfortunately. Give it a pass. It may be going somewhere interesting, but the first issue doesn't get there.

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