Single Moms And Writer Retreats Don't Mix In The Comics Industry

My background is in advertising and marketing. I haven't done that full time for eight years but my cockroach antennae are still always there twitching away, looking for opportunities to pitch, to sell, to promote. And wasted opportunities make them despair. And this is one of them. Oh, as reported, it's also a horrendous way to treat a freelance employee, but it could have been a very strong opportunity for a great bit of comics industry PR instead.

I am much in admiration of Alex De Campi as a writer. I think she is one of our very best. But I am equally a fan of her utter straight talking about issues, and a fearlessness over the consequences for herself. And unlike many commentators, she's actually in a position to suffer them.

And I was blown away again by her account of a recently arranged Writers Retreat at an Unnamed Publisher (though I have my very strong suspicion).

See, it's not just the reported attitude to Alex. It's that this shouldn't have a problem, it was a real opportunity. For a few hundred bucks more, that's a single mom at your writers retreat able to pose for photos, maybe even with kid, and a chance to show yourselves off as the kind of publisher who does this sort of thing (even if you usually don't). PR gold, and cheap too!

But she wasn't done.

I tell you what, I'd really like to be on that teleconference call this weekend… De Campi currently writes (that I know of) for Heavy Metal, Lion Forge, Image Comics, Rebellion and Dark Horse. She is funding writing a novel, Facsimile, on Patreon.

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