Still More Secrets Of The Battleworld And The All-New Marvel Universe (Ultimates, Contest Of Champions And Angela SPOILERS)

Today more of Marvel's comics than usual are obsessed with the current nature and reality of the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe as it stands in relation to the last one and the Secret Wars Battleworld.

And not all of them are written by Al Ewing.

Just most of them.

Contest Of Champions (written by Al) sees a defeated Maestro from the Secret Wars, still clinging to the realms of the exploded Battleworld. 
COC2015006-int2-2-b5230And his rescue to fight by the Elders, defining the Secret Wars reality as little more than a husk. But an exploitable huskl COC2015006-int2-3-dd68cWhile over in The Ultimates (also written by Al) we see the current changing reality, spearheaded by the Fantastic Four and Molecule Man.

And another person tey missed as well as the Maestro, seriously, they are clumsy aren't they?ULTMTS2015005-int2-3-5426e

Yes it's Thanos, who as you may recall was wiped from existence by Doom. But somehow…ULTMTS2015005-int2-4-1105eI totally got a flashback to Alan Moore and Alan Davis' Fury, who also managed to survive the destruction of his home dimension in Captain Britain, floating through nothingness, until he found a way to our world.

And while Thanos has come to Prime Earth, as it is now, the Maestro is satisfied with remaking what he has and recreating the Battleworld again. If only Thanos had hung around long enough…

IMG_0019 Al Ewing also manages to create an explanation for the changing realities we have seen in other books…IMG_0021

This is the Marvel Sliding Continuity, where the Ben Grimm and Reed Richards fought in World War II, then Vietnam, then the Gulf War and now – well Marvel probably doesn't care anymore. But still.IMG_0022

And this are the new rules of Marvel reality. The present can affect the past if it's big enough. So Tony Stark can go to Cambridge University rather than MIT in Cambridge, Mass, and Cambridge university can now be in London and Google was founded ten years earlier.

And Doom can have a nose.

But yes, what about writers other than Al Ewing that I promised? Well, there's Marguerite Bennett on the penultimate issue Angela: Queen Of Hel.


Looks like Leah was dragged up by gravity. But she's not alone, it's not just Thanos and Maestro who survived the Secret Wars Battleworld today. Angela also find someone else from the Battleworld, driven mad by being trapped in a play for centuries and finally breaking free on Prime Earth…

Ultimates, Contest Of Champions and Angela: Queen Of Hel are all published by Marvel Comics today.

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