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Venompool is Hungry as New PCS Collectibles Statue Coming Soon 

Venompool is Hungry as New PCS Collectibles Statue Coming Soon 

This one is coming out of the phone game Marvel’s Contest of Champions and is their own unique creation This statue is pretty powerful too and I love the look of this combination of Deadpool and Venom This statue is a 1/3 scale piece and comes in at a whopping 40” tall! This massive piece is[...]

Marvel Games SDCC 2018 Live Blog: Unlimited Future Fight Force Champions

Here we go... An inside look at the latest and greatest console, mobile, and VR content from Marvel Games! Hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, the creative minds and teams at Marvel Games, along with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games, Oculus Studios, Nexon, FoxNext Games, and more, will give you the latest updates and looks at[...]

Angela Comes To Marvel's Contest Of Champions

Marvel's latest Contest of Champions event is rather interesting It introduces two new character into the game - Angela and King Groot In a storyline the puts the team together like an epic question in Dungeons & Dragons, you follow Gwenpool whose working basically as the DM You have Moon Knight as a Paladin, Hawkeye[...]

Kabam Talks About The Marvel Contest of Champions Kerfuffle

[caption id="attachment_620604" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Kabam[/caption]It's been a bit since we've heard from Marvel Contest of Champions, since our last check-in with the game, the update to patch 12.0 has come and gone and players are slowly returning to life post-patch Most of the players I spoke with, Rich Davis who goes by The Living Tribunal of alliance[...]

Nerf Stick Too Strong – The Marvel Contest Of Champions Community Reacts To The Latest Update

[caption id="attachment_618410" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Kabam![/caption]Kabam's Marvel Contest of Champions has had a pretty devoted base of players on iOS and Android who enjoy duking it out as Marvel heroes and villains, because who wouldn't? However, due to changes made this week many have been leaving the game in droves, creating youtube videos discussing the nerfs, and[...]

Gwenpool Enters Marvel Contest Of Champions… And Drags Cable In With Her

As Marvel Contest of Champions moves into a new year, the game is unveiling two new heroes.. the extremely popular Gwenpool and the extremely pouched Cable Neither are playable yet, but my guess is that one of them will be winnable in the arenas starting tomorrow.. while the other will probably be up in two weeks[...]

Marvel Contest Of Champions – Under New Management

A little late to the party on this news, but it's pretty big if you are a player of the mobile Marvel Contest of Champions game Kabam, the company that produced the game, has sold their Vancouver based studio to Netmarble Games, a mobile game publisher from South Korea The terms of the deal, which is[...]

Howard The Duck Comes To Contest Of Champions

Marvel's Contest of Champions mobile game has kicked off their new holiday event with two new heroes being introduced to the contest Hyperion, the fist member of the Squadron Supreme to be added is part of the new event and a playable character you can get earn in the arenas The second character is a[...]

Marvel Contest Of Champions Introduces Civil Warrior

Marvel Contest of Champions game often uses the latest film releases to add new content to their app driven game When I first signed up, Ant-Man was in theaters and that was the new questline There had been an Age of Ultron event as well and they did some fun things with Deadpool back in[...]

Kamala Khan Joins Marvel's Contest Of Champions

Marvel, Kamala Khan, is making her way to the mobile game Marvel's Contest of Champions as part of the Women of Power The game allows player to collect champions, level them up and use them in a variety of games including quests, arenas and alliance co-operative events The game is free to play and available[...]

Swipe File: Contest Of Champions Vs Street Fighter comparison between moves from Miles Morales in the new Marvel video game Contest Of Champions -  and Street Fighter... possibly Luke Cage as well?Courtesy of Noxomorph...In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree[...]

Today's Secrets Of The Marvel Universe – Secret Wars, Scarlet Witch, Ultimate, Contest Of Champions, Black Knight And Uncanny Avengers (SPOILERS)

 They called themseves part of the sixth infinity...And  bringing more of the ISO-8 with him, the molecule that only exists in this form in the Eighth Infinity... While over in Contest Of Champions, Al Ewing writes them continuing to visit other realities (which definitely do seem to exist in the All-New All-Different, just in case you hadn't been[...]

NYCC '15: Talking Contest of Champions with Gabe Frizzera

By Joe GlassI stopped by the Contest of Champions mini-booth, part of the sprawling Marvel booth at NYCC this year, to discuss the game and new character Guillotine with the game's art director and the character's designer, Gabe Frizzera.Guillotine, who is a new character created for the game, also appears in the new comic now[...]

Advance Reorders – A Contest Of Champion Trade Paperbacks

Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire!The Contest Of Champions trade paperback tops the charts as the new series is upon us Of single, non-reprint issues, there's also a lot of[...]

The X-Men: Battle Of The Atom Mobile Game Only Has Three Months Left…

By Ian Melton Cut down before it even reached two years, word went out that the mobile game X-Men: Battle Of The Atom will close down on November 30th.  Released on January 16th, 2014 the game, according to Google Play, is a card-battle game where you "fight your way through single-player missions as Wolverine, Storm, […]

So Who Is That Marvel Contest Of Champions Between?

Such as a breakdown of some of the characters appearing in Marvel's upcoming Contest Of ChampionsOutlaw, the British Punisher, who hasn't been seen since the early nineties. The newly created character, Guillotine, The Cystalcatraz - okay no idea. Joe Fixit, the grey Hulk-turned-gangster heavy from Peter David's run on the book. Sentry, the Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee Superman analogue who has[...]