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TMNT Ultimates Wave 10 Revealed And Up For Preorder At Super7
TMNT Ultimates have reached ten waves, which is crazy to think about when you think of how long it took for us to get some of the first waves Now, we have whole shelves in our collections with the figures on them, and there is no sign of them slowing down This wave continues the[...]
Thundercats Wave 8 Revealed By Super7, Up For Preorder Now
All will come loaded with accessories and housed inside the standard Ultimates packaging Each will run you $55 Check them out below. Credit Super7 Super7 Thundercats Wave 8 Details "Super7's latest wave of 7" scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! includes Captain Shiner, Alluro, Hachiman, and WilyKit! Fans won't need to be hit with Alluro's Psych Club to know that these[...]
Jonathan Hickman And Bryan Hitch Bring Back Ultimate Marvel
Hitch is best known for drawing The Ultimates, written by Mark Millar, and Jonathan Hickman for writing later versions of  The Ultimates, and the Secret Wars series that brought the Ultimate universe to an end. The new series, Ultimate Invasion will tell a new story about The Maker and Miles Morales: Spider-Man Jonathan Hickman is quoted[...]
The Worst Ultimates Wave Three Up For Order From Super7
The Worst is one of Super7's best creations; combining pulp heroes and sensibilities with horror and turning them into action figures is one of the smartest ideas, and now that they have busted out of their ReAction bubble and joined the Ultimates line, they are even better Wave three is now up for order, featuring[...]
TMNT Ultimates Wave 9 Revealed By Super7, Up For Preorder
TMNT Ultimates keep chugging along It is hard to believe we are already up to wave 9, but preorders are now open for the new wave This one consists of five figures, including a flocked Splinter, Wingnut & Screwloose, Neutrino Zak, Scumbug, and the latest wacky turtle, Slam Dunkin' Donnie All come with all of[...]
Star Trek Ultimates Wave 1 Up For Order From Super7
After a successful launch for a line of ReAction figures, the big question was always, "What about Ultimates?" and now we know Wave one has been revealed and put up for preorder as of this afternoon The four figures that make up the first wave are Lieutenant Commander Data, Guinan, Commander Riker, and Locutus of[...]
Thundercats Wave 7 Revealed By Super7, Up For Preorder
Each figure comes with a bunch of character and series-specific accessories and, of course, comes housed in our beloved Ultimates packaging The preorder is open now, and you have until November 11th to order directly from Super7 themselves Check out the figures below. Credit Super7 Thundercats Wave 7 Details "Super7's latest wave of 7" scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! is[...]
Nightmare Before Christmas Ultimates Revealed By Super7
The Nightmare Before Christmas was destined to get the Ultimates treatment from Super7, and today they revealed a heavy-hitter first wave of three figures Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie will make up the wave, with each in the standard Ultimates scale and loaded with a bevy of accessories, all housed in the standard Ultimates[...]
TMNT Ultimates Wave 8 Revealed By Super7, Up For Order Now
TMNT Ultimates wave 8 is now up for preorder from Super7, and the big figure in this wave is their release of Genghis Frog He will be joined by Robotic Rocksteady, a silver version of Shredder, and Astronaut Raph Each comes with a plethora of accessories specific to each character, and I would be lying[...]
TMNT Super7 Mutagen Ooze Glow Ultimates Up For Preorder
TMNT Ultimates collectors have a new bundle to consider right now, as Super7 has put up for order a four-pack set of Raph, Donnie, Leo, and Mikey, this time all in what they are calling a "Mutagen Ooze" glow style Basically, these are the original releases; only they glow in the dark Each figure comes[...]
Simpsons Ultimates Wave Three Up For Order From Super7
Simpsons Ultimates wave three s now up for order from Super7, and this wave has some heavy hitters in it My favorite is Ralph Wiggum, and seeing him in the Ultimates figures is wild Mr Burns, Kang, and Kodos finish out the wave with him, with each loaded to the gills with character's specific accessories[...]
Toxic Crusaders Ultimates Wave 3 Up For Order From Super7
Toxic Crusaders fans have been hounding Super7 to do more figures from their beloved line, and today they got their wish, as three more Ultimates were put up for order An epic version of Toxie, Junkyard and Radiation were all revealed, all coming with tons of accessories and in the classic Ultimates packaging The 90's[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 3 Revealed By Super7
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates wave 3 has been revealed by Super7 this afternoon, and preorders are now live This wave will have four figures, a Zord, and even a throne to purchase Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Finster, and Lord Zedd will be the four new figures joining the line this time, and for Zedd,[...]
Bruce Lee Ultimates & ReAction Figures COming From Super7
The company announced the new partnership this afternoon, stating that both ReAction and Ultimates figures will be coming, with the first two Ultimates figures going up for order this Thursday The first two Ultimates figures will be "The Challenger," Bruce in his iconic yellow jumpsuit, and the other is him in his kung fu outfit,[...]
New Andre The Giant Ultimates Figure Coming From Super7
Andre The Giant is getting his third Ultimates figure release from Super7, and this one might be the best one yet This figure will pay tribute to his appearance from Wrestlemania 2 when he won a 20-man battle royale in yellow trunks and boots He will also come with a swappable head, a few pairs[...]
Bryan Hitch Started Drawing The Ultimates Twenty Years Ago
Just $3000 if you are interested. Bryan Hitch Started Drawing The Ultimates Twenty Years Ago Horror writer Nickbotic replied "Jesus that's gorgeous Such an old-school Silver Age vibe from your work Love it." Bryan Hitch replied "thanks I used to be the cutting edge of modern but I'll take it!" Gary Frank dived in "Comes to us all[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 2 Revealed By Super7
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates wave 2 has been revealed by Super7, and it is one of the strongest waves in any Ultimates line My goodness, every figure is a heavy-hitter, including this waves Zord The five figures making up wave two include the MMPR Red Ranger, MMPR Pink Ranger, Rita Repulsa, Sphinx, and the[...]
Al Ewing, Sise-Negging The Defenders Back To Reality's Sixth Iteration
Defenders time! That there were previous iterations of the universe before the Marvel Universe's existence was introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in late-sixties Thor. Thor It was quite a big idea, and gave an origin of Galactus, a survivor from the previous version of reality, Galen of Taa, cursed to play the role of this[...]
Marvel Legends Fan First Friday: Galactus HasLab Revealed, Plus More
GI Joe Ultimates were announced from Super7 yesterday, and they look glorious Just like every other Ultimates line from them, the first wave, consisting of Cobra Commander, Duke, Snake Eyes with Timber, and the B.A.T., all come loaded to the gills with accessories, and for this line, they will be cartoon accurate There are, of[...]
Tony Stark & Black Widow Ultimates Sex Scene By Bryan Hitch Auctioned
The Ultimates by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch was a continuity reboot of The Avengers in a different continuity (that cause Kurt Busiek to quit the Avengers title in protest) It would also go on to inspire the Marvel Cinematic Universe's treatment of its characters, from The First Avenger through to the Battle Of New[...]
Thundercats ThunderTank Now Up For Order, Fully Revealed
It can hold up to six Ultimates figures, the cargo bay doors open, the jaws and arms move and open, wheels roll, cannons are hidden, eyes glow This is the stuff of dreams for us Thundercats collectors It carries a hefty fee: $450 This is going to work like Snake Mountain did The preorder is[...]
Samuel L. Jackson Got Incepted into Taking on Nick Fury in Marvel Movies
Night Shyamalan film Glass, Jackson revealed the connection between Marvel Comics' 2002 "Ultimates" run and his eventual portrayal of the S.H.I.E.L.D director: "I still buy comic books, so I go to this store in L.A., Golden Apple, and I was in there one day and I'm passing the rack and I see this thing, The Ultimates, and I go,[...]
Black Panther Ultimates #1 cover by Kenneth Rocafort
Before arriving at the current Black Panther series, we are going to take a look back at a couple of teams he enjoyed before the newest series under Ta-Nehisi Coates. From my personal experience, I had actually become more interested in T'Challa after reading about him in Al Ewing's Ultimates and Ultimates Squared Jonathan Hickman's New[...]
But he is not alone. The Ultimates are back, too, and it would seem that Spidey is now a member But the continuation of the Ultimate Universe brings other changes too, as we see the Ultimates also has the Ultimate Riri Williams/Ironheart among their number. The potential of this are huge. While characters and artefacts of the Ultimate[...]