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Superman Vs Lobo Vs WildStorm Vs Extreme Lateness #3 (Spoilers)

DC Comics has had a mixed bag of reintroducing the WildStorm comic book creations that it owns after buying them lock, stock from current DC Comics publisher Jim Lee. Now WildStorm comic were known for a lot of things, but one thing was that they were often rather late. Well, with Superman Vs Lobo #3 out today, that traditional has been maintained as well, as the ad from the next issue from Superman Vs Lobo #2 attests.

Superman Vs Lobo Vs WildStorm
Superman Vs Lobo #2 ad for Superman Vs Lobo #3

Nine weeks late. That's enough to give all sorts of people heart palpatations. When last we left Superman and Lobo, trying to deal with the accidental but destructions messing about of Numen. And that he has actually killed a universe before coming to the DC Universe.

Superman Vs Lobo Vs WildStorm
Superman Vs Lobo #2

And that happened to be the WildStorm universe. Who were making the leap to enact their terrible revenge.

DC Comics
Superman Vs Lobo #3

With Lobo doing his very best Basil Exposition impression, the conflict is swift and hard.

DC Comics
Superman Vs Lobo #3

Mr. Majestic, born Majestros on the planet Khera, was a Kherubim warlord and member of the WildC.A.T.s. So was Lady Zannah, also known as Zealot, is from the planet Khera, where she was part of one of the leading political and cultural groups known as The Coda. And Jeremy Stone, a Titanthrope – a rare Kherubim subspecies that can transform into a large hulking Titan. And now a hybrid it seems. Helspont is an alien overlord of a race known as Daemonites stranded on Earth during the Daemonite-Kherubim war, and attempted several times in taking over the planet and coming into conflict with Earth's heroes, notably the WildC.A.T.s.  Ohmen of Aegena, also known as Union, is an alien warrior stranded on Earth given powers by a symbiotic Justice Stone in his chest. He became a member of Stormwatch and The Monarchy.

Of course, Zealot and Helspont are already present in the DC Universe, courtesy of Wonder Woman in Batman: Urban Legends. So are there two Helsponts and Zealots in the DC Universe now? Is that an issue? Well maybe…

DC Comics
Superman Vs Lobo #3

It might threaten her position in the League Of Last Sons if there's another of her out there. Of course, Lobo also has duplicates out there too…

(W) Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie (A/CA) Mirka Andolfo
Superman and Lobo must unite to save the bumbling god from the forces of the universe he destroyed. Some knew them as the WildC.A.T.s, but now they go by the Numen Revenge Squad. But can Superman trust the Main Man with an artifact that gives one the power to reshape reality to their whim? I mean, no, of course not. He's Lobo. The conclusion to this comedy epic is here!
Retail: $6.99 In-Store Date: 03/08/2022


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