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House Of Brainiac
Month Two of House of Brainiac in Action Comics #1065, as Supergirl and Conner Kent take the fight to Brainiac as Superman and Lobo fight against Brainiac's army of Lobos But then it's Superman vs Lobo in Superman #14 And Crush is held hostage by Lobo's Czarnian race in Power Girl #5, a House of[...]
Earlier this year, we made the case that Momoa would be perfect for Lobo – maybe introduce him via animation before moving to live-action Even better, introduce him via Lanterns since the streaming series is expected to introduce viewers to the greater DCU And while we're not the most objective when it comes to these[...]
McFarlane Toys Fully Reveals DC Comics Lobo & Spacehog 2-Pack
Lobo made his first appearance in DC Comics Omega Men #3 back in 1983 and was created by writer Roger Slifer and artist Keith Giffen This marks the second release for Lobo in the DC Multiverse line, and as pre-orders arrive, we finally get to see what is included with this intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo[...]
PCS Debuts New John Carter of Mars Statue with Deluxe Dejah Thoris
Lobo, the Main Man himself, is revving up some space on your shelves with an impressive Gold Label Amazon Exclusive set Lobo and his Spacehog are coming to life that is packed that will surely liven up the joint Lobo was first introduced in DC Comics Omega Men #3 back in 1983, who quickly established himself as[...]
Keith Giffen Dies,
Keith Giffen, co-creator of Lobo, Rocket Raccoon, Maxwell Lord, Jaime Reyes: Blue Beetle and the Justice League One Punch, has died at the age of 70 He suffered a stroke on Sunday, the 8th of October and died on Monday the 9th In accordance with his family's wishes, the following was posted to his Facebook[...]
DC Comics
And possibly Lobo's as well.   Lobo, the Last Czarnian, was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, and first appeared in Omega Men #3 in 1983, an alien from the utopian planet of Czarnia, and an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter Recreated by Giffen with Alan Grant and Simon Bisley as a Wolverine and Punisher parody, he[...]
Marvel & DC Big Books For 2024
Including an Omnibus for the seven-series-strong Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison and friends, a third Justice League International Omnibus, an Omnibus collection of the Green Lantern/Green Arrow Dennis O'Neil/Neal Adams comics, the first of the Lobo Compendiums by Simon Bisley, a new Vixen NYC collection of digital strips, a new Dreamer graphic novel, a Flash[...]
Snyderbros, Leaky Pools & Lofty Dreams: James Gunn/DCU Watch Thoughts
In a recent poll, IGN asked its readers which character should join Gunn & Safran's DCU next? And once the dust was settled and the results counted up, the Top 10 broke down this way: (1) Dick Grayson/Nightwing, (2) Martian Manhunter, (3) Lobo, (4) Brainiac, (5) Deathstroke, (6) Jason Todd (Robin/RedHood), (7) Zatanna, (8) The[...]
Probably due to it getting to be late in the month with fewer viable days in play for news combined with the timing of Momoa's video (along with some of his follow-up comments), but it seems like Momoa's posts have created a ton of unnecessary drama among some of the DCU "fans" out there who[...]
Personally? I'm voting for a Momoa-led Lobo streaming series… Image: Jason Momoa IG Stories Screencap Image: Jason Momoa IG Stories Screencap Though he was taking part in a Variety Studio session to promote his new documentary Deep Rising during the Sundance Film Festival, would you be surprised to hear that Jason Momoa was asked about his meeting[...]
Alan Grant at a comics convention in the early 1990s video still
Alan Grant, best known for writing Judge Dredd for 2000AD and Batman and Lobo for DC Comics, passed away this morning at the age of 73 His wife, Sue Grant, posted to Facebook "I have no words Alan died this morning." A longstanding comic book creator for fifty-five years, and born in 1949, he began[...]
Lobo Graded By CGC And Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions Today
Lobo is one of the most underrated characters in the DC Universe these days Not like the 90's when he was everywhere and one of the bigger selling characters in comics A far cry from how he looked in his debut in Omega Men #3, the 90's version of the outlaw is the one we[...]
Superman Vs Lobo Vs WildStorm
Well, with Superman Vs Lobo #3 out today, that traditional has been maintained as well, as the ad from the next issue from Superman Vs Lobo #2 attests. Superman Vs Lobo #2 ad for Superman Vs Lobo #3 Nine weeks late That's enough to give all sorts of people heart palpatations When last we left Superman and[...]
Cover image for Superman vs. Lobo #3
Lobo is a free speech advocate in this preview of Superman vs Lobo #3, but Superman's new power is inhibiting his rights! Yes, Superman's new power is preventing Lobo from saying cuss words! There's only one possible solution here: Lobo needs his own Fox News show Check out the preview below. SUPERMAN VS LOBO #3 DC Comics 1021DC145 1021DC146[...]
In this preview of Crush & Lobo #8, the titular antiheroes spend some father/daughter bonding time… in prison! Check out the preview below. CRUSH & LOBO #8 (OF 8) DC Comics 1021DC080 1021DC081 – CRUSH & LOBO #8 (OF 8) CVR B JEN BARTEL CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 (W) Mariko Tamaki (A/CA) Amancay Nahuelpan SERIES FINALE! Like father, like daughter?[...]
Cover image for CRUSH & LOBO #7 (OF 8) CVR A JOELLE JONES
Just like mom used to make them! What's this?! Has Lobo sold out in this preview of Crush & Lobo #7?! All is not as it seems Read on! CRUSH & LOBO #7 (OF 8) DC Comics 0921DC125 0921DC126 – CRUSH & LOBO #7 (OF 8) CVR B W SCOTT FORBES CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 (W) Mariko Tamaki (A)[...]
Superman and Lobo have had their planets Freaky Friday'd in this preview of Superman vs Lobo #2, in stores on Tuesday from DC Comics Check out the preview below. SUPERMAN VS LOBO #2 (OF 3) DC Comics 0821DC146 0821DC147 – SUPERMAN VS LOBO #2 (OF 3) CVR B FICO OSSIO VAR (MR) – $6.99 (W) Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie (A/CA)[...]
Cover image for CRUSH & LOBO #6 (OF 8) CVR A NICK ROBLES
Up next is Crush & Lobo #6, the antepenultimate issue of this mini-series (one of you commenters taught me that word a while back) And just as the mini is running out of issues, so is Crush running out of time to work out her Daddy Issues with Lobo before she blows up Can she[...]
Cover image for CRUSH & LOBO #5 (OF 8) CVR A SWEENEY BOO
And Crush, of course, has plenty of daddy issues of her own, considering her daddy is The Main Man himself, Lobo And Crush is looking to sort out those daddy issues, which is why she's chasing down Lobo by following a trail of cigar butts and destruction But when she runs across a planet that[...]
Lobo's Debut In Omega Men #3 On Auction At Heritage Today
Lobo is one of the big cross-generation characters that DC Comics has that still gets young and old readers alike excited I know in my shop that if they stick Lobo on any cover, people will buy it The same cannot be said for a lot of their books right now, and he is also[...]
Simon Bisley Painted Artwork From Death Dealer To Lobo, At Auction
There's tonnes of amazing stuff, including artwork, neverbeforeseen by Simon Bisley for a Lobo video game developed by Kemco USA Game, that never happened Lobo Vs The Rat King, apparently A beat 'em up for the Playstation 2 and XBOX Players would have been able to use knives, chains, guns, rocket launchers, grenades, and Lobo's[...]
Cover image for CRUSH & LOBO #4 (OF 8) CVR A AMY REEDER
And in this preview of Crush & Lobo #4, Crush deals with her own daddy issues with the Main Man Check out the preview below. CRUSH & LOBO #4 (OF 8) DC Comics 0721DC082 0721DC083 – CRUSH & LOBO #4 (OF 8) CVR B PAULINA GANUCHEAU CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 (W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Amancay Nahuelpan (CA) Amy Reeder The[...]
Superman/Lobo Gets Patton Oswalt Effect Over Cancel Culture
Last week saw the publication of Superman/Lobo #1 by Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie, and Mirka Andolfo You might not have thought that anyone reading a Lobo comic could be offended by what's inside as a) it's a Lobo comic and b) they have chosen to buy it But that's before comedian/actor/presenter/podcaster Patton Oswalt decided to[...]
First Look at Superman vs. Lobo, a Black Label Comic Not About Batman
DC Comics has released a preview of Superman vs Lobo #1, a new comic by Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie, Mirka Andolfo, and Arif Prianto hitting stores on Tuesday from… wait a minute… from DC Black Label?! A Black Label comic that isn't about Batman, The Joker, or Harley Quinn? Who approved this?! Heads are going[...]
DC Comics Lobo DC Multiverse Figure Arrives from McFarlane Toys
The intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo is finally making his way to the series as pre-orders finally arrive We saw a teaser for the last survivor of Czarnia from McFarlane Toys a while ago, and finally, he has been fully revealed Lobo features a more modernized design from DC Comics, will have 22 points of articulation[...]
Cover image for CRUSH & LOBO #3 (OF 8) CVR A BERNARD CHANG
Crush & Lobo #3 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and in this preview of the issue, we find Lobo taking part in group therapy in space prison And by taking part, no, we don't mean murdering everyone involved It looks like The Main Man is trying to turn over a new leaf[...]
Simon Bisley Lobo Original Covers and Artwork At Auction
It's Simon Bisley Lobo time at the 2021 June 17 – 19 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction #7244 auction from Heritage, which may be their most significant comic book auction to date with some insanely valuable, desirable, and influential examples of original comic book artwork Including these pages from Simon Bisley, with especially attention over his[...]
Lobo's Back is Back For Lobo & Crush
From today's DC Comics haul, not yet released as a digital image, we have a new visual for the upcoming Crush & Lobo mini-series, dubbed "Like Father, Like Daughter, Like Hell!" The image used, however, is a familiar one going back a few decades. It's a take on the classic Lobo's Back #1 image by Simon[...]
DC Pride #1: Massive Preview of DC's Pride Month Comic
DC Pride #1's creators came together to feature LGBTQIA+ characters from all corners of DC's ever-expanding Universe, from Aqualad to Batwoman to Catman to Dreamer to Extraño and beyond! Check out all the incredible content that DC Pride #1 has to offer, and scroll down for previews of each story, the debut of Batman #109's Pride variant cover, a first[...]