The Ballad Of Harvey Bullock And Renee Montoya

In today's Detective Comics #2, we get a meeting of minds with our two favourite detective Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya, courtesy of Manapul and Buccellato. Such polar opposites, you know they are dying for a buddy cop spinoff on Gotham.


In the will-they-won't-they stakes however, we have a permanent won't they. So there won't be any heteroerotic tension on this one.


And if Montoya's status isn't enough to put the icing on that particular doughnut, then Harvey also makes it clear. It's not his number he is giving her.


So for all those worried that this kind of deal ends up getting ruined with Shipping Bed Death when the couple get together – don't be worried. Not going to happen. So you can continue to enjoy this kind of banter…

IMG_0028…without worrying it's all going downhill from here on in.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London, who will be making their first trip to San Diego Comic Con together later this week. But first, they have a signing with Si Spurrier today and an exhibition launch and talk with Mark Buckingham on Saturday…


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