The Cancellation Of The Ultimate Universe With Ultimate End


In 2013, Bleeding Cool ran a story regarding a well-sourced rumour we'd had that would see the Avengers fight the Ultimates for the end of the Ultimate Universe, hat we were told would come in 2014.

Brian Bendis put us in our place.

Well, it seems we were a lot closer than we thought. Today, as part of a Secret Wars spinoff that will see the Marvel Earth against the Ultimate Earth for their very survival, Bendis talked to the legit comics press (not us, it seems) about the Ultimate universe being cancelled.

And that Bendis and Mark Bagley will reunite for a five-issue limited series, Ultimate End, telling the tale of the end of the Ultimate universe.

Funny how things come around. Stopped clock? Or something taking its merry way to work its way through?



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