The Eternals… A Quick Guide for What You Need to Know

As Marvel enters Phase 4 of their cinematic universe, different rumors have been passed around about the next big "thing" for our silver screen hopefuls, and our current favorites are none other than the illustrious Eternals.  Now that we have confirmation of the release from Marvel Studios' Hall H panel, and news that the movie has already started production, the time has come to dive into the nearly-immortal beings and prepare for their big-screen debut.  Rather than assigning roughly 40 years of reading material, here's what you need to know about Marvel's mysterious next lineup – where they come from, what they can do, and who to expect in November of 2020.

The Eternals...A Quick Guide for What You Need to Know

The Eternals first technically appeared in 1976, after Jack Kirby returned to Marvel comics from their primary competitor DC.  (Some call this debut a semi-formality however, where he released the New Gods aka the not-quite-the-Eternals, in 1971 at DC.)  This release introduced Marvel to the Celestials and their manipulation of Earth's evolutionary timeline, ultimately setting the ape onto three potential courses:

Deviants, Humans, and Eternals.

With audiences already seeing examples of Celestials with Ego the Living Planet and Deviants with the Skrulls, the time has come for Eternals to advance to the forefront of the cinematic universe.

The Eternals...A Quick Guide for What You Need to Know

As the highest potential of power from Celestial manipulation, Eternals serve as the MCU's inspiration for the Greek Pantheon.  Their ability to control the molecules in their body make them virtually indestructible, as well as manifesting in other powerful potential such as super strength, flight, teleportation, or super speed.  Although they battle the Deviants in the comic books, it's unclear what their position will be now that Captain Marvel has painted the Skrulls in a more sympathetic light…regardless, be ready to be introduced to Sersi, Ikaris, and Makkari as the new character favorites.

The Eternals...A Quick Guide for What You Need to Know

Most rumors seem to favor this being a story set in the past, focusing more on the earlier wars between the Eternals and the Deviants.  The most likely timeline being similar to Captain Marvel's, where their origin story takes place far enough into the past where the current timeline isn't too manipulated, especially after the paradox of time-travel in Endgame.  As the Eternals are virtually immortal, their introduction to the present would be an easy one, especially if we are expecting Sersi to eventually meet up with the Avengers (which would be true to comic history.)

In the beginning, the Deviants took to the depths, humans the surface, and the Eternals to the skies.  With space being the next frontier for many of our characters, we can only speculate who they will find out there…

If you would like to know more, and you certainly have time, check out these recommended trades at your local comic shop:

Eternals by Neil Gaiman

Eternals: Manifest Destiny by Charles Knauf

…and The Eternals, Book 1 by Jack Kirby (out of print however, so be ready to purchase digitally)


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