The Future And The Importance Of Wonder Woman, Teased At DC Panel At Fan Expo

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Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool from Fan Expo in Toronto

The second DC panel of the weekend at Fan Expo revolved around the New 52 as a whole, with Larry Ganem moderating and panellists Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello, Greg Pak and David Finch.

The panel opened by teasing the last few issues of Azzarello's Wonder Woman run with some previously released images. Azzarello promised, "There's a revelation that's never been touched on in her origin in the next issue [of Wonder Woman in October]."

While discussing Wonder Woman's latest injury, he said of course she survives but "some of the other characters don't survive."

Azzarello has been writing Wonder Woman for three years now and said it was always planned that she would be the God of War by the end of his story. He also isn't done yet with making an impact on Diana's story as he teased a "real big reveal in 34. Then Secret Origin has a huge reveal." No clues on what any of those might be though.

When asked if there was anything he wanted to do with Wonder Woman that he hadn't done, Azzarello said, "Yes, but she started dating Superman."

With Azzarello's run ending, he was asked if he had given any advice to the upcoming team on the book, David and Meredith Finch.

"You have to treat Wonder Woman different than you treat Superman or Batman or any other characters," he said. "Wonder Woman fans are really passionate about that character. You can mess up some of the other characters a bit more but that character deserves your respect. She represents things to people that have nothing to do with the comic book at all."

David Finch was also on hand to speak briefly about what to expect on his and Meredith's run but was scant on details, teasing only that, "Swamp Thing appears in an early issue" and though the Justice League appears "it's a Wonder Woman story and the Justice League plays a pretty minor role."

The discussion then moved on to Futures End, with Azzarello and Lemire fielding questions about the title they are co-writing. In issue #17 we saw Constantine tracking Superman down in the desert and it was revealed Shazam was the one wearing the Superman costume and mask.

Speaking on Superman in the future, Azzarello said, "He doesn't want to be Superman anymore." Lemire then added, "something has happened in the last five years that makes him want to take the costume off and become a recluse."

Lemire also teased that a "big revelation about Ollie's fate is in a week or two."

Speaking of upcoming issues of Futures End, Lemire said, "[issue] 21 is a big reveal, you find out what happened to Earth 2 and how they came to Earth."

An audience member asked Lemire about the fate of the Baker family and the ambiguous ending of his Animal Man run, to which Lemire said "Futures End we'll see a bit more of the Baker family coming up." He couldn't recall the exact issue but promised that in the late 20s, early 30s of Future's End we'll see Lemire's final Green Arrow and Animal Man scenes together all at once.

Lemire moved on to talk briefly about his other title, Justice League United. Regarding the new character he created for the team, Equinox, Lemire said, "The next issue, which comes after Futures End, we fully reveal her origins and powers and history."

Regarding reintroducing the character of Adam Strange into the New 52, Lemire spoke more about Adam's wife in the book than Adam himself.

"Alanna is actually more of a superhero than Adam, she's going to be the main member of the team while Adam's stuck on Rann."

As always at DC's panels at Fan Expo, Larry Ganem handed out prizes to the audience members who asked the best questions, most of which were variant covers of comics, hats and Batman capes.

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