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The Kill Screen
The Kill Screen is back on Kickstarter, this time looking to raise funds for the production of new book, The Kill Screen: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost. Created by Mike Garley, Joshua Sherwell, and Mike Stock, The Kill Screen: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost will be a new 70-page collection, and follows a whole[...]
The Top UK Indie Comics Of 2015 – From Porcelain To Pantheon
THE KILL SCREEN by Mike Garley, Josh Sherwell & Mike Stock The Kill Screen is one of those ideas I really wish I'd come up with first A wonderful and creative twist on the post-apocalyptic, world-ending idea, the set up and execution is absolutely brilliant. Following survivors in a world where computer errors, glitches and memes become[...]
The Kill Screen Levels Up to a Stunning Hardcover Edition
By Joe Glass Several Bleeding Cool writers and myself have written about The Kill Screen before I've reviewed issues, bemoaned Mike Garley and Joshua Sherwell for coming to this incredible idea before I could, and generally sung it's praises a lot. In fact, whenever I'm exhibiting at a comic con they are, I regularly suggest my customers[...]
Followers Are The Deadliest Threat – The Kill Screen #2 Review
But you often try and hold back until you have that perfect, 'different' take on the end of the world. Well, there is a book out there that has found that perfect, original Armageddon, and damn it, it's a good one. The Kill Screen takes a really interesting concept: the end of the world came not in[...]