The Metatextual Retconning Of Fear Itself #7.2

I said that the beginning of Defenders #1 reminded me of Sandman. Well pretty much all of Fear Itself #7.2 does. Oh and a bit of Buffy.

Now there are going to be a few spoilers in this, there's no two ways about it. So let me tell you a quick story, to give people a chance to move onto another article. My six year old daughter got in trouble for kicking a friend in the playground. Suitably chastened, we tried to discover what has happened, saying to her "but she's your friend". We got in return "well she's not my friend now."

Okay, people allergic to spoilers gone? Good.

We got the idea that new character Tanarus would be the new God Of Thunder after the death of Thor in Fear Itself #7. But we didn't that Tanarus would always have been the God Of Thunder. Which means all adventures that previously starred Thor, now have starred Tanarus. He was an Avenger, he got turned into a Frog Of Thunder, he has some annoying ponytailed spinoff called Eric.

The Metatextual Retconning Of Fear Itself #7.2

Tanarus is the God Of Thunder. Tanarus has always been the God Of Thunder.

This issue fully embraces the metatextualness of the Gods being stories more than they are people – and as thus can never truly begin nor end. But of course this is a story within a story within a story, all the people featured are as much fictional characters as Thor. And so their reality can be easily switched. Spider-Man never married Mary Jane. Wolverine wasn't a half human half wolverine hybrid. Iron Man was never a Teen Tony.

So… the question is, will we ever get to see any of Tanarus' adventures? We know he's a bit more of an ass than Thor. Would have allied with Tony Stark against Captain America in the Civil War? Come on Marvel, let us in on the details of the new continuity.

It's only a story after all.

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