The People Behind Darth Vader, Spider-Gwen And Princess Leia Comics At ECCC

Ian Melton went to ECCC for Bleeding Cool where he learnt a few things from a few comic book creators, mostly of a Marvel bent…

Kieron Gillen would not let any spoilers loose for Darth Vader, but commented that creating hot new Star Wars character Doctor Aphra came from a source most expect.  "At the Star Wars retreat and I was looking at all the Lucasfilm materials and being there thought a rogue archaeologist, an Indiana Jones type character, would be the perfect fit to play off Vader."

Robbi Rodriguez, artist and co-creator of Spider-Gwen, commented that his favorite part of working on the popular series is that they are "off in our little corner of the Marvel Universe, without being tied to any set continuity.  It's a lot of fun to re-imagine and create new things to fill Gwen's world."  In designing Frank Castle for this new world as the pursuing force for Spider-Gwen came from a familiar source for the artist.  "He looks almost exactly like a bartender friend of mine."

Star-Wars-13Terry and Rachel Dodson are excited and loving the popularity of their new creator owned series Red One. The number back on the launch are far higher then they expected and they will be getting into the second arc once finished with Princess Leia.  "I'm all for doing more covers, but after I'm done with Leia we are focusing on the second arc of Red One.  We had planned to keep going with Red One but the chance to do Leia was just too great."  Terry Dodson admits to being a big Star Wars fan and the movie brought him into comics with Star Wars #13.  "It wasn't the greatest comic ever, but it got me into reading other comics and I'm still here."

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