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Phoebe Waller-Bridge "Really Excited" to Write Dialog for James Bond in 'Bond 25'
Indiana Jones 5 has had one hell of a road trying to make it to the big screen The movie was first announced when Lucasfilm was first purchased by Disney in 2012 and was part of the 1-2 punch of getting Harrison Ford back into some familiar costumes However, the project has been nothing but problems[...]
Indiana Jones Comes To 4K Blu-ray On June 8th
Indiana Jones is finally coming to 4K Always an event when they get released in any format, all four current films will be released in a box set hitting stores on June 8th I say that because they are moving forward with a fifth film, so at some point, we will all be buying these[...]
Bad Cupid – John Rhys-Davies on Playing a God, Revisiting Franchises
Image courtesy of Freestyle Digital Media. With numerous studios re-exploring beloved IP in recent years, Rhys-Davies has been part of the most successful with being one of a few actors to having recurring roles in the Indiana Jones films as Salah, the science fiction TV classic Sliders as Prof Maximilian Arturo, and Peter Jackson's Lord of[...]
Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008). Image Credit: Paramount Pictures/Lucasfilm
Bethesda Softworks decided to shock everyone this morning with a teaser trailer for what appears to be an Indiana Jones game There have been rumors for years about different people getting a shot at making a proper Indiana Jones game in a modern era, but the closest we've ever come is when TT Games made[...]
Back to the Future: Jon Cryer, Ben Stiller Relive the Indy 4 Fridge
What do Back to the Future and Indiana Jones have in common? Would you believe a rejected idea that got used 23 years later? Most BTTF fans are aware of how Eric Stoltz was cast as Marty McFly in the classic 1985 film before director Robert Zemeckis, and screenwriter Bob Gale made a last-ditch effort[...]
The Fugitive, Air Force One, Top 5 Harrison Films Not Under Lucasfilm
As much he spends his entire career telling fans he's in more than just his two most famous Lucasfilm franchises including Indiana Jones, the actor can't cut a break Recently celebrating his 78th birthday, the venerable Ford knows at his age any time he can spend up top again is a prime opportunity Before we[...]
Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008). Image Credit: Paramount Pictures/Lucasfilm
To say that the road for Indiana Jones 5 has been rough might be an understatement When Disney announced that they were buying Lucasfilm in 2012 they weren't just taking control of the Star Wars brand but the Indiana Jones brand as well When Harrison Ford signed on to do more Star Wars movies he also[...]
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Was Supposed To Be Tatooine At The Start
Credit Disney Parks Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Almost Destroyed Hollywood Studios Under the first plans, Disney's Hollywood Studios would have been drastically altered: "The Indiana Jones theater, that was going to be the heart of the Star Wars land…the Mos Eisley Cantina, that was going to be right across from Star Tours, and we had all kinds of great[...]
"Indiana Jones 5": Steven Spielberg Steps Away, James Mangold in Talks to Direct
It looks like Indiana Jones 5 is going to be missing one of its classic components when it rolls into theaters According to Variety director Steve Spielberg will be stepping away from the project as director but will remain as part of the production as a producer.  There are any number of reasons that directors decide to[...]
“Indiana Jones 5”: Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy – “Only Harrison Ford Can Play Role”
Harrison Ford is ready to don the bullwhip and Fedora at least one more time for the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise While the 77-year old came on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote his latest film, The Call of the Wild, he provided details on his next upcoming project. Paramount "It's going to be[...]
Funko Emerald City Comic Con Reveals - Hanna Barbara and PEZ
Indiana Jones is back and not only with a new movie still in the works but with a new Funko Pop that is exclusive to Emerald City Comic Con Funko has just announced that the famous Archeologist is coming back once again for a special 10" release of the character This figure will only be[...]
"Die Hard", "Predator", "Superman" Film Franchises that Should Be Rebooted [OPINION]
Also you can take the Spider-Man: Homecoming approach and not have to retell his origin story for the 234th time. // Lucasfilm Indiana Jones The Indiana Jones franchise you have to treat it similarly to Die Hard The studio will continue regardless if anyone things it's a good idea, because the franchise makes too much money to be shelved[...]