The Return of Gwenpool? Breaking Down the Marvel Comics NYCC Next Big Thing Panel

Sofia Annunziata wrote from New York Comic Con for Bleeding Cool,

There were loads of new announcements at the Marvel Comics Next Big Thing Panel! A new Avenger will join the team in Avengers 700. Tony Stark Iron Man issue #5 will not have Tony Stark, nor will it have Iron Man. Instead this issue will focus on Tony Stark's brother. This issue is described as being Black Mirror-esque and super creepy

In Fantastic Four every character that has ever been in the FF will be featured as they work to find a new place to call headquarters after a new Fantastic Four has taken over the Baxter Building. There will also be a Fantastic Four wedding issue! Ben and Alicia will be getting married, no tricks or fake outs. Reed is the best man but since he's being a jerk it's up to Johnny Storm to plan the bachelor party

Avengers No Surrender will be getting a sequel called Avengers No Road Home to be released through 10 weekly issues. Words used to describe it during the panel include "big", "epic" and "mythic"

It has also been announced that Carmen Carnero, who is doing the lines and inking for the new Captain Marvel has been signed on as an exclusive Marvel artist. In this new Captain Marvel series, we see Carol Danvers go through some major introspection back on Earth as she comes to terms with her powers and seeks to rejoin The Avengers.

A legion of teen heroes will be joining the Marvel universe in Champions. It is promised to be dramatic and action packed. It will change the face of the Marvel universe as we know it. Speaking of universes, there will be all new characters taking up the role of Guardians of the Galaxy. One of which we already know to be Cosmic Ghost Rider.

The celebration for Marvel's 80th, there will be a year long! It will include one shot publishings of comic that haven't been seen since before Marvel became known for their superheroes. These titles include Crypt of Shadows, Journey Into Unknown Worlds and War is Hell. They will also be releasing time period specific Hasbro collectibles. The also upcoming Marvels 25th Anniversary means that big things will be coming, and not just in publishing

During the Q&A it was teased that a Gwenpool project is in its beginning stages

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