The Secret Wars Lenticular Shields, Now In Official Marvel Continuity

Remember the Secret Wars toy line?


It was the reason for the original comic book series in the first place. And all the characters came with these lenticular shields.


And acted as character spoilers, revealing secrets!


Which is probably a terrible thing to bring into battle against your foes. They were, for some reason, not in the original Secret Wars series. Because they were clearly a terrible idea

Until now.

Scan 61

Because in Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars, a series that retcons the original series by shoving Deadpool into the middle of it – the Secret Wars lenticular shields are now fully in continuity.

Scan 62

And they even have powers of clairvoyance, just like the originals… and Deadpool has access to them!


Now, who is going to make this Action Figure cover for real?

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars is out today. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, currently preparing for their Death Sentence signing today with Martin Simmonds at 6.30pm – will you be there?


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