Being Human & Doctor Who's Toby Whithouse Writes #MarvelComics 1000 with Alan Davis

Toby Whithouse is best known for creating the BBC TV series Being Human. He also created the Channel 4 police drama No Angels, the BBC drama The Game and has written a number of episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood – appearing as a German soldier facing down Mark Gatiss' Lethbridge-Stewart in the Christmas Special Twice Upon A Time.

We once caught him totally swiping a classic scene from Alan Moore's Marvelman for Being Human. He copped to it as well, bless him.Last we heard, he was working on a Channel 4 proposal for an adaptation of V For Vendetta and the new TV adaptation of Gormenghast.

And in August, he will be collaborating with another Marvelman creator, Alan Davis, for what we believe is a one-page story in Marvel #1000 or Marvel Comics #1000.

Toby Whithouse also may have brought Moore and Davis' creation The Fury to Doctor Who as well…

Of coure, it could be the beginning of something even bigger….

Many More Creators For Marvel Comics #1000 - Has to Be One-Page Stories #MarvelComics


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