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Akiva Goldsman, Toby Whithouse, Neil Gaiman talk 'Gormenghast' Adaptation
Writer/producer/director Akiva Goldsman, writer/producer Toby Whithouse, and Neil Gaiman are all on board to bring the fantasy epic to Fremantle. The trio sat down with Deadline to chat about their first memories of reading "Gormenghast", adapting it for tv rather than film, and how the later stories may fit into this version. Neil Gaiman: I fell love with Gormenghast at[...]
Being Human Creator Toby Whithouse Adapting Gormenghast
Creator of the TV series Being Human (also writer on Doctor Who and Noughts and Crosses and, last we heard, working on a Channel 4 TV version of V For Vendetta) Toby Whithouse, is getting even busier. Last seen holding a gun to Mark Gatiss in the trenches of Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time at Christmas, Deadline announces[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Under The Lake… And Pac Man? (SPOILERS)
You may recall Gibbis from a previous episode also written by Toby Whithouse, The God Complex Tivolians were one of the oldest civilisations in the galaxy and the most invaded, with cities prepare to accept and and all invaders to make them comfortable.This Tivolian ghost is a little more violent. 7 The Doctor Has Had Work[...]