Tomb Of Baalberith – A New Horror Anthology In The Vein Of EC Horror And Tales Of The Crypt

I got an email from long time comic writer/penciller/inker Mark McKenna telling me about a new Kickstarter he's doing, The Tomb of Baalberith. He wanted to know if I could write something up, and I told him the best person to tell us about the new project would be the person who is putting their heart and soul into it… so he wrote up the below message and sent over a few pages of art.

Here is what Mark had to say:

So, some of you guys know me from my extensive career having worked on almost 600 comics from Marvel's Iron Man and the Punisher to my work on DC's Doom Patrol and Dr Fate. Some 13,000 pages of artwork.

I've worked on Superhero comics, Barbie Comics, Superhero comics, Archie Comics, superhero comics, monkey comics and superhero comics… Oh yeah, I had a cup of coffee working on one or two horror comics in the past… I inked a Resident Evil story for a magazine yrs ago and at Marvel worked on the Spirits of Vengeance: DARKHOLD book… but nothing substantial or anything I had control of until now..

ENTER: The Tomb of Baalberith.

I can go on and on and write a novella about how excited I am to have created a concept/outline like Baalberith. With a HUGE nod to the old EC Vault of Horror and Tales of the Crypt collections as well as the old 50's rubber- suited monster movies, I came up with this concept to also show off some of my gifted comic creator pals that are on the cusp of great things. I explained to the guys, Michael Oppenheimer, Victor L. Castro, Sam Eggleston along with Jay A. De Foy and lettered by the very accomlished Dezi Sienty that I wanted them to create 12 page stories and work up their own concepts, atmospheres and creatures and that tie into my bookend story, not so much an anthology as connected stories, but the trick was to keep the projects IN HOUSE.. (See We were all here for each other, granted me, being Boss Nass, went to the super talented Jim O'Riley to help me tell my story. :)

I wont bore you anymore then to say, go listen to me yap in the Kickstarter video and see if this is your thing and if so, consider supporting our inaugural offering: The Tomb of Baalberith. The book is completed, we just need funds for cover colors, lettering and printing costs. We're almost half way home.. Thanks for putting up with me.. and Have a great weekend :)

So check out the art below and click here to see the kickstarter campaign.baalcovalt3BAAL_1_03 BOOG_1_03 bccreeperpage7 VOLIT_1_09

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