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Short Film Made To Support Final Issue Of Mark McKenna's Combat Jack Series
Combat Jacks is a series of comics from Mark McKenna, Sam Eggleston, and Jason Baroody about a guy named Mordeci Dixon and a group of Space Marines taking on alien pumpkins on the planet Maia Seriously, alien pumpkins… its like scifi meets Halloween They've successfully Kickstarted the first three issues and are ready to wrap[...]
Mark McKenna Returns With Combat Jacks: The Fight Continues
Sam Eggleston writes for Bleeding Cool When longtime professional inker Mark McKenna started talking about killer pumpkins from outer space with his son at the dinner table, he never imagined he would be setting the groundwork for a new comic miniseries. McKenna, who has worked for DC and Marvel and a multitude of other publishers, left that[...]
Stalking The Scum Of The Universe With Her Space Slug Sidekick
Sam Eggleston writes for Bleeding Cool: So you want to break into comics as a writer, hey? Well, there's an easy way to do it and there's the hard way to do it. The easy way involves sacrificing some poor, innocent animals, learning and reciting an ancient incantation and summoning Old Scratch himself and then signing your[...]
Cazadora – Good Ole' Fashion Zombie Steampunk Action
Sam Eggleston writes for Bleeding Cool: Randy Kintz had no idea what a sketch he did of a steampunk zombie huntress in the opening days of 2013 would lead to before the year's end. On Nov 1, Kintz and writer Sam Eggleston launched the Kickstarter campaign for Cazadora, a 28-page creator-owned comic that is seeking funds to[...]
Last Breath: A comic-book project looking to reach the stars
Sam Eggleston writes for Bleeding Cool: When Rich Johnston said the easiest way to get an article about the Kickstarter project for the comic "Last Breath" in front of the readers of Bleeding Cool was to write it myself, the very first thing that crossed my mind was: No problem, I do this kind of thing for[...]
So Far From Home – The Last Breath Kickstarter
It's funny how a thought can stick with you for years on end only to show itself when you least expect it. That's what Sam Eggleston thought when he sat down to pen a comic script earlier this year He knew he wanted to write a one-shot book that he could tell a contained story within[...]