Tomorrow, The Walking Dead #165 Goes Where Many Have Feared… (SEMI-SPOILER)


So tomorrow, in what is reportedly one of the more action-packed series of The Walking Dead comic book to date, over its decade-and-a-half-ish of publication, #165 does actually go for the jugular.


And, yes, takes out a long-standing character in the series. A very long standing character.

Possibly. There are hints at a get out clause. But only hints.

And, yes, someone on the TV.

And no, not another bat.

There may have been false teases before. But this looks like the real deal.

Unless, you know, there's a get out clause.

It's The Walking Dead, there could be a get out clause.

But often there isn't.

The Walking Dead #165 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard is published tomorrow. Read yours before the internet goes batshitcrazy.

Maybe it already is. I haven't looked.

UPDATE: We looked. Here's the full spoiler…

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