Top Cow Hits Shops This Week With Tales of Honor, American Legends And Death Vigil

Top Cow has three new books hitting shelves this week starting with the first trade for Tales of Honor, On Baslisk Station. Then we get the second issue of the weekly comic series American Legends and the fifth issue of Stjepan Sejic's Death Vigil. Here we have the cover for Tales of Honor and previews for the other two.

Story: Matt Hawkins Art: San-Il Jeong

THE HONORVERSE EXPANDS TO COMICS!Based on the best-selling military science fiction novels by David Weber, this original comic book series introduces spaceship captain Honor Harrington on the eve of her execution. From prison, Honor relays her epic adventures, starting with a command outpost to a hellish backwater star system that ends up being the lynchpin of an interstellar crisis that will bring war to her home planet. Collects TALES OF HONOR: ON BASILISK STATION #1-5 160 PAGES / FC / T+ $19.99


DEATH VIGIL #5 (of 8)
Story/Art/Cover Stjepan Sejic

The enemy stands revealed. An ancient order of immortal necromancers known as the Pale Court has resurfaced, and Bernie is plagued by unclear memories and great sorrow as more vigil members fall. One last veilripper remains to be claimed before…

DeathVigil05_covsocial DV005_Preview01 DV005_Preview02 DV005_Preview03 DV005_Preview04 DV005_Preview05 DV005_Preview06

Story Bill Schwartz and Zachary Schwartz Art/Cover Studio Hive

AMERICAN LEGENDS: Issues 1-5, weekly throughout November! Depicting the extraordinary exploits of the legendary pioneers DAVY CROCKETT, MIKE FINK and SALLY ANN THUNDER on a quest to save the Lewis & Clark expedition and thwart a conspiracy hatched by Napoleon to destroy the promising future of a young American nation. Featuring a unique look at the Hatfields & McCoys, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, Sacagawea, and many, many more! These are the stories of the great frontiersmen who explored the magical and savage frontier before becoming mythical heroes in American folklore. These are the tall-tales of our youth, known and loved by all. These are the American Legends.

AmericanLegends02_covsocial AML002_Preview01 AML002_Preview02 AML002_Preview03 AML002_Preview04 AML002_Preview05 AML002_Preview06

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