Transformers Galaxies #12 Review: White Knuckle Science Fiction

Set just before the opening shots of the Cybertronian Civil War, stalwart warrior Ultra Magnus has a laser focus on rescuing his mentor Alpha Trion. Once again, the straight-laced Magnus shows fierce determination in the face of overwhelming odds as he struggles with the unknown.

Transformers Galaxies #12 Review: White Knuckle Science Fiction
The Transformers Galaxies #12 Cover. Credit: IDW

Writer Brandon M. Easton throws everything, including the kitchen sink, at this intense science fiction adventure. There's an armor upgrade for Magnus, a lethal and implacable opponent, oh, yeah, and a freaking black hole. The action movie-worthy artwork from Andrew Griffith, Josh Burcham, and Jake M. Wood spans jetting across the surface of the event horizon and stern concern for the fate of a society with equal gravity and depth. There's even room for comic relief as the dial cranks past eleven and gives oft-forgotten characters like Victory Leo and Soundblaster moments to shine (with the latter at the center of a key action scene).

A revelation late in the issue puts an interesting spin on how the Civil War ultimately developed and how certain players were not available for key events. This issue is rich in subtlety for heavy continuity fans. For the more casual reader, it delivers white knuckle science fiction that gives them a healthy and enjoyable slice of culture. RATING: BUY.

By Brandon M. Easton, Andrew Griffith
"Storm Horizon," Part Three! Outfitted with heavy-duty battle armor and nearly alone, Ultra Magnus must go head-to-head with a fleet of enemy ships and a black hole if he ever wants to save the rest of his crew and Alpha Trion! It's wall-to-wall action as he finally faces the mastermind behind his recent troubles in the thrilling final issue of Transformers Galaxies that leads into the next major events of the Transformers ongoing, starting this fall!

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