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Michael Davis is the co-founder of Milestone Comics and a current graphic novelist. He runs The Black Panel at San Diego Comic Con. And he now writes a weekly column for Bleeding Cool.

Jack Kirby had nothing to do with the creation of the Marvel Universe. He drew some comics, but that's pretty much all he did. Steve Ditko did not co-create Spider-Man — that was all Stan Lee.

Jerry Robinson did not create the Joker, and neither he or Bill Finger had a hand in creating Batman. All they did was what Bob Kane told them.

To some reading this, it's obvious that nothing I've written so far in this article is anywhere near the truth. It would boggle my mind if someone on Bleeding Cool's site did not know the real, monumental contributions of Steve Ditko, Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger, and Jack Kirby. But it also boggles my mind that FOX News can tell the world that Obama is a Muslim, born in Kenya, hates America, and wants to kill Grandma, and some people believe that without question.

It's easy to find out the truth about pretty much anything these days. Go online and look for credible sources, and by credible sources, I don't mean someone's blog.

No one's blog is a credible source to confirm a fact. Neither is Wikipedia.

Anyone can say anything on Wikipedia. Why on Earth is there an almost universal positive consensus for what is written on that site is beyond me. Those who think a Wikipedia page is viable and acceptable as factual confirmation, and use it as such, are setting themselves up for a possible rude awakening one day.

Woody Allen was a villain in a James Bond film. That sounds like bullshit, but he was. For Woody Allen fans, that's a bit of trivia. For Steve Ditko or the family of Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson, who co-created some of the world's most popular characters, that "bit of trivia" is the crowning achievement of their careers.

I was recently sent a link to a YouTube video from quite a few people. I clicked on the link and was treated to a very well-written, well-produced, and just great to watch "History Of Static Shock." When I first watched the link, less than 300 people had seen it. The last time I looked, over 22,000 people had viewed it.


There are a few factorial glitches with the piece, but the only one I'm concerned about is the "created by" credits. According to the film (now seen by how many thousands?), Static was created by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert Washington, and John Paul Leon.

I have nothing but LOVE for what the filmmakers attempted to do, but those credits are just wrong.

Dwayne McDuffie, Derek Dingle, Denys Cowan, Christopher Priest, & myself, created Static.

John Paul & Robert Washington more than anyone defined the character, but both were handed a bible, complete with character designs Denys drew & Static's backstory, friends, and family, which I wrote.

Here are some fun facts: Static's sister name is Sharon, my sister's name is Sharon. Robert is my father's name, and WOW, it just so happens Robert is Static's father's name!

Now, would you like to wager that Static's mom's name is the same as my mom's? Or his best friend and the names of the majority of his friends and extended family? Yes — after Static was a big hit on TV, I could have found and made friends with people with those very names so as to convince people the characters were based on people in my life.

I mean, why not? Obama's birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper in 1961 was a brilliant move on someone's part to plant a fake news story back then. That fake news story would then put into play the greatest single hoax known to man. This massive deception would make the child President Of the United States. All that would be needed to make the plan foolproof is the right child!

A Black child born in 1961 with the name "Barack Hussein Obama"?

There are some reading that last sentence that are trying to make that scenario work in their heads.

In no other area of entertainment is the blatant use of simply WRONG information treated as fact. Try producing a film without permission and filled with wrong information and placing it on the web called "The History Of Mickey Mouse" and see what that gets you.

I really don't care where they got their information from, it's wrong. "The History Of Static Shock" is wonderfully done, and ironically, because of that it's an even bigger problem. Because this is so well done, people will believe it.

And frankly, I'm getting a bit tired of this shit.

It's what we found on the web." Yeah — I can see that as a possible answer to the credit issue, but producing a film project and passing it off as "history" is bad enough. Putting that shit out there with no permission and no credible (if any) fact checking?


I reached out to the filmmakers. I have not heard back. That's okay — I can see from the comments they are making online (well after I contacted them) that they are very busy.

These guys do great work. I enjoy what they do, but this needs to be fixed because unlike the title of this article, it's wrong.

Give that a sec.

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