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Interior preview page from Static: Shadows of Dakota #4
Well folks, get ready for yet another eye-rolling display of superhero "drama" in Static: Shadows of Dakota #4, hitting comic book stores on Tuesday, May 23rd When someone close to ol' Virgil gets abducted, he faces an unbeatable foe: the unbelievably incompetent and unhelpful police! If you thought asking for help at a gas station[...]
Interior preview page from Static: Shadows of Dakota #3
Behold, the preview for Static: Shadows of Dakota #3, hitting the shelves on April 18th! In this thrilling yet potentially exploitative issue, we'll see Virgil and his dad playing detective, trying to solve the case of the vanishing Bang Babies I guess you can say our hero made a "static" connection when it comes to[...]
Printwatch: Superman #1 by Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell has sold out and is heading back to press for a new printing, featuring a recoloured version of Campbell's main cover, on-sale for the 28th of March. Printwatch: Static: Shadows of Dakota #1 Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Vita Ayala made their much-delayed return to Milestone's marquee hero last month[...]
Interior preview page from Static: Shadows of Dakota #1
It's time to take a look at the upcoming Static: Shadows of Dakota #1! Someone targets a Bang Baby meetup as Static season two begins in this preview of Static: Shadows of Dakota #1 Joining me for this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron I must warn you, LOLtron, don't even think about[...]
Static? The Milestone 2.0 Relaunch at DC Comics has been plagued with difficulties, some legal, but mostly in production Despite lead times of years, the books have still been published at a snail's place, repeatedly resolicited, and rescheduled, killing much of the momentum they launched with, dead. Now the latest revival attempt to follow Static: Season[...]
The Rarest, Most Valuable, First Appearance Of Static Shock
Static, or Static Shock, was created by Milestone Comics founders Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek T Dingle, for publication from DC Comics Static #1 was published in 1993, during a boom in superhero comic book publishing, with the first issue written by McDuffie and Robert L Washington III, and drawn by the[...]
Lamar Giles & Paris Alleyne Create New Static YA Graphic Novel For DC
Such as Static: Up All Night by Lamar Giles and Paris Alleyne Lamar James tweets out "Here's the STATIC: UP ALL NIGHT cover in all its glory! Layout by @NStevenHarris finished art by @ParisAlleyne colors by @BexGlendining design by @curtiskingjr Written by ME Editorial by @jimchadwick1217 + Courtney Jordan June '23 @DCComics" Lamar Giles & Paris[...]
A Brand New Costume And Look For Static Shock (Spoilers)
It turns out, courtesy of an Amazon/ComiXology glitch that the final issue of the rather late Static: Season One was distributed digitally by Amazon/ComiXology last week by mistake, a week ahead of its print street date this coming Tuesday And revealing a new look for the character, ahead of his movie/TV series portrayal[...]
Cover image for Static Season One #6
In this preview of Static Season One #6, Static adds a new superpower to his arsenal: the power to defeat a villain with a lecture Did he learn it from Bleeding Cool Editorial? "No, Jude, six hundred dollars worth of edibles 'to investigate the status of Wolverine's two dicks' is not a legitimate expense and[...]
Welcome to Saturday Night Previews, where we attach snarky headlines to previews of next week's comics and call it "journalism." Static is ready to save the day in this preview of Static Season One #5… thanks to the power of sugar! Check out the preview below. STATIC SEASON ONE #5 (OF 6) DC Comics 0821DC138 0821DC139 – STATIC SEASON[...]
Static Season One #3 Review: A Strong Showing
With a strong showing of family dynamics and a good balance of plot elements, Static #3: Season One presents an embryonic hero facing enormous odds with a strong support network For fans of the original take in the 1990s, the changes that have happened here are very smart and a great fit for this modern[...]
Static finds himself in a sticky situation in this preview of Static Season One #3, as government agents, believing he's Curtis Metcalf, attempt to capture the titular hero But when they believe he's reaching for a weapon, they open fire, only for Static to discover a new aspect to his powers and use them to[...]
Static Season One #2 is in stores on Tuesday from DC Comics, and the titular Static has some explaining to do to his parents after Hotstreak nearly burns down their house On the bright side, Static makes the responsible choice in this preview, causing to fight the fire rather than take revenge But that's not[...]
Milestone Returns Zero launches in February (Preview)
Milestone Compendium One, is to be a softcover collection from DC Comics with more than 1,300 pages of classic Milestone stories, collecting the debut story arcs of Blood Syndicate, Hardware, Static, Icon, Xombi, and Shadow Cabinet from the original Milestone creative teams, and will be published in September Milestone Media was founded in 1993 by[...]
Comic Stores Get One-Per-Store Static #1 Variant As Thank You
Today sees the publication of Static: Season One, the first ongoing Milestone Comics titles to get back into print after quite some time away, with a bit of a reboot And for comic book stores who ordered the title, Lunar Distribution delivered from DC Comics this virgin variant cover to the new first issue. Comic Shops[...]
Marvel And DC Comcis Tributes To John Paul Leon
We hired him to do Static on the spot One of the best decisions we ever made He gave me some credit early on for one thing or another to do with his career; it was generous of him The truth is I was just smart enough to know that I was in the presence[...]
John Paul Leon's Family Issue Statement and Fundraiser In His Memory
He was surrounded by family and friends in his last moments, fighting for his life, much like the many superhero stories he crafted over his celebrated career spanning three decades. John Paul Leon, courtesy of his family. John Paul's bold and dramatic work was best exemplified in the critically-acclaimed EARTH X, a maxi-series which redefined the Marvel[...]
John Paul Leon Has Passed Away At The Age Of 49
I spoke with Michael Davis earlier this week about the man and his life, as he rose through Davis' artist studio, as well as majoring in illustration at New York's School of Visual Arts, studying under artists such as Will Eisner, Walter Simonson, and Jack Potter and gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Beginning his[...]
Milestone Comics Creative Teams And Schedules Announced
We mentioned the new creative team of Milestone comic book Static earlier today But there is more to come Basically, who, what, where and when Milestone missed its planned February launch, but now we have a better idea of what's coming. The new Dakotaverse debuts today as Milestone Returns #0: Infinite Edition, available today on participating[...]
Static by Vita Ayala, Chris Cross, Nikolas Draper-Ivey - DC/Milestone
Nikolas Draper-Ivey just tweeted out the news that they, Vita Ayala and ChrisCross would be relaunching the DC/Milestone comic book Static in April from DC Comics, as part of the DC Universe Infinite digital streaming service, before being made available to buy digitally and in print at a later date. Happy to announce that I will[...]
DC Comics Remembers They Were Going To Relaunch Milestone This Month
This $4.99 "director's cut" also features content introducing the full new creative teams behind Static, Icon & Rocket, and Hardware, the digital-first series spawned by this new Big Bang, along with a reveal of their issue #1 covers. In addition, DC's future plans include the long-awaited launch of Earth M, a new line of comics conceived[...]
Static #1 Sells For $177 on eBay After Milestone Static Shock News
This weekend at DC Fandome saw Jim Lee give the re-re-announcement of the relaunch of Milestone Comics from DC Comics, starting in February with Milestone Returns #0, a new Static Shock digital-first comic book, a Static Shock graphic novel and an Icon & Rocket series starting Reginald Hudlin also dropped news about a Static Shock[...]
Michael Davis, Keynote Speaker at Afro ComicCon on the War for Static Shock
Michael Davis is the Keynote speaker at Afro ComicCon tomorrow at SAE Expression College located in Emeryville, California. His speech is reportedly entitled NOW YOU CAN'T LEAVE: Level Next & The War For Static Shock. Level Next is the media-and-comics company he formed with Wayne Brady Static Shock refers to the Static character he co-created for Milestone, that used his[...]
Static Shock Removed From Justice League United Line-Up
Except between the two… …this fellow went missing. Static, of the comic Static and Static Shock, created by Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle and Michael Davis The character was part of the New 52 relaunch back in 2011, and appears to have a TV show and a revival as part of a new Milestone line of[...]
A Comic Book Tale, by Michael Davis, From The Edge
My mother threw out Superman #1 from 1939. This, as it says above, I assure you, is an absolutely true story. My mother Jean Davis, the inspiration for Static's mom Jean Hawkins, was an incredible woman. Raising my sister Sharon and I in what is considered one of the worst housing projects in New York City would have been[...]
Who Are The Other Heroes In The CW Arrow/Flash Spin-off?
While the Mystery Hero seems like it could be Static or Black Lightning I would lean more towards Static since the character has a really good fan base. Though her character is dead, Lotz confirmed she is going to be part of the show while at Fan Fest 2015 as you can see in the video[...]
I Am Static – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Needless to say at the core of any real pop culture movement are its fans, and Milestone's fans take their Milestone seriously. I was counting on that when two weeks ago I wrote a satirical piece called Static Shock Comes To The Big Screen I "revealed" a big screen version of Static Shock was in the[...]
Truth Or Consequences – Michael Davis, From The Edge
I clicked on the link and was treated to a very well-written, well-produced, and just great to watch "History Of Static Shock." When I first watched the link, less than 300 people had seen it The last time I looked, over 22,000 people had viewed it. [youtube][/youtube] There are a few factorial glitches with the piece, but[...]