Two Sassy Sisters Face The Galaxy: Advance Review Of Bounty #1

Dark Horse's upcoming hit has been described as "Rat Queens meets Firefly," and with a description like that, it's easy to go in feeling charged. The comic is called Bounty, and it's written by Rat Queens creator Kurtis Wiebe, with art by Mindy Lee. Wiebe has expressed how thankful he is for his Rat Queens following, but the content of that comic is far from all-ages.



He describes Bounty as the opposite:

"I've always wanted to create a series that younger readers could enjoy yet still held onto the pieces that fans loved most about my comics. Bounty is exactly that, a series you can feel confident in recommending to a younger audience and current fans of my series that are already on the shelves."

With all that said, let's get to my review of the first issue. The story follows main characters Nina and Georgie. They're sisters who are also two of the most hated criminals in the galaxy. Because of their reputation, they're also the biggest bounty reward the universe has ever known. Though they may appear confident in their routines, things get even more complicated for the two of them.

Upon reading the first few pages of the comic, I immediately felt immersed in the galactic adventure. Nina and Georgie have spunk. You can feel the experience behind their brave voices as they challenge enemies. There is a cast of characters beyond the two of them, one that feels like a family. You can tell they've been through a lot together. I was impressed by the transition between the historical type scene we get in the beginning to the present day, five years later. From a darker more mysterious pallet, to a bright one, I felt Wiebe pull me from one time period to another. His writing proved to be consistent with similar well-written dialogue and comedic relief to Rat Queens. With that said, Bounty does contain a lighter bit of content, but is still incredibly interesting. Bounty Hunters tend to be.

Mindy Lee's art style is great. There's a cartoon feel to it, but a mature one. It's not too whimsical, and it's not too serious. The balance is on point. I enjoy her character designs too. Oh, and there's a really adorable cat to look forward to seeing as well. The pacing of the first issue is fast, intense, and really leaves you wanting more. However, it's not because of a cheesy cliffhanger. It's because I was that satisfied with the read. It's quality work, and straight-up entertaining!

Bounty #1 is set to release from Dark Horse Comics on July 6th. Until then, check out a preview below and keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming review with Kurtis Wiebe!


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