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Kurtis Wiebe and Justin Osterling Launch New Fantasy Series Dryad at Oni in March
Oni Press has announced a new series launching next year from Rat Queens co-creator Kurtis Wiebe and newcomer artist Justin Osterling called Dryad The book, which Wiebe says he's been working on for five years, is a fantasy comic about a couple whose lives are changed by parenthood Check out the press release below for[...]
If You Have To Add One New Title To Your Pull List, Let It Be Bounty #1
So tomorrow brings the release of Bounty #1, by Kurtis Wiebe This is one of those books that I think could be around for a really long time After reading the first issue, it really stuck with me There was a perfect balance of things amongst the book, and I could feel the potential. https://twitter.com/kurtisjwiebe/status/749991709900058624 When I chatted with[...]
"It's A Bright Cyberpunk Story For Most Ages" Kurtis Wiebe Talks Bounty
A great new comic is on the horizon from Dark Horse, and it's called Bounty! After reading the first issue, I had the pleasure of chatting with writer, Kurtis Wiebe We talked about writing comics, Rat Queens, and what makes Bounty so special… Christine Marie: Hi Kurtis! Pleasure to e-meet you! Kurtis Wiebe: Thanks, Christine! And thank[...]
Two Sassy Sisters Face The Galaxy: Advance Review Of Bounty #1
The comic is called Bounty, and it's written by Rat Queens creator Kurtis Wiebe, with art by Mindy Lee. Wiebe has expressed how thankful he is for his Rat Queens following, but the content of that comic is far from all-ages.   He describes Bounty as the opposite: "I've always wanted to create a series that younger readers could enjoy yet still held onto the pieces that fans loved most[...]
More On The Future (Or Not) Of Rat Queens And Its Creators
She stated that, despite being assured to the contrary, co-creator Kurtis Wiebe admitted to her that he had lied and that Roc Upchurch, original co-creator of the comic, who left it after domestic abuse charges were made public, was being lined up to return to the comic book. Kurtis Wiebe issued his own statement contradicting that completely,[...]
A Deflated Return To Palisade With Rat Queens #16
Today brings the release of Rat Queens #16 from Image Comics, written by Kurtis Wiebe, with art by Tess Fowler This issue starts a new ARC entitled, "When Beards Collide" which brings the Rat Queens back to Palisade Upon arrival it's cleared that things have moved along without them, but the chaos effects each one of them differently[...]
Kurtis Wiebe Puts Rat Queens Comic On Hiatus
Co-creator of the comic book Rat Queens, Kurtis Wiebe, has announced that he is putting the Image Comics title on hold. https://twitter.com/kurtisjwiebe/status/721772129356656640 https://twitter.com/kurtisjwiebe/status/721772202685652992 Bleeding Cool reader will know that the comic has had a rough publishing history, but it was very influential in the industry in proving the existence of an often otherwise ignored fanbase for a female-focused comic[...]
A Rat Queens Style D&D Game On Twitch
Who's running the show? Why none other than Rat Queens writer Kurtis Wiebe.  https://twitter.com/kurtisjwiebe/status/691684104245420033 I would imagine this would be highly entertaining to watch Dungeons and Dragons is only as good as the Dungeon Master, and if you have someone as brilliant as Kurtis Wiebe to do that…well, you're going to have one heck of a game[...]
Rat Queens Announcement: Issue #15 Will Be Delayed
Earlier today writer, Kurtis Wiebe shared this tweet: https://twitter.com/kurtisjwiebe/status/690271265513443328 I'm assuming by "finale" he's referring to the end of the current ARC A month or two ago I covered the news about his feelings on the next ARC and how it will be better than ever I'm not going to lie, my attention has been turned away[...]
"The Wonderful And Weird" Kurtis Wiebe Talks Rat Queens Vol. 3 And What's To Come
I can safely say that Rat Queens has been one of Image Comics most interesting reads for me, but when writer Kurtis Wiebe sent out these tweets today it make me pretty happy to hear some honesty about how things have been. https://twitter.com/kurtisjwiebe/status/670308039673716736 https://twitter.com/kurtisjwiebe/status/670308177318121472 https://twitter.com/kurtisjwiebe/status/670308339188920321 I think the comic has never really stopped being enjoyable to read, but I'm happy to hear that[...]
Rat Queens #10 Ends The Chaos
As I sit her contemplating my feelings about the new issue of Rat Queens, I find myself overanalyzing why I am so confused. Perhaps it’s because the run
The Heartfelt And Emotional Appeal Of The Rat Queens Special: Braga #1
From Image Comics, written by Kurtis Wiebe with art by Tess Fowler, the story follows secondary character, Braga, who has been featured in a few of the normal Rat Queens issues You might question what interest you would have in a secondary character in a series that has been leaving us hanging for months, but[...]
CONFIRMED: Stjepan Šejić Is The New Artist On Rat Queens
Was that a bit of a Rich Twitch? It was only half an hour… Image Comics have just announced, SUNSTONE artist Stjepan Sejic to team up with series writer Kurtis Wiebe Image Comics/Shadowline's New York Times bestselling high fantasy series RAT QUEENS written by Kurtis J Wiebe will welcome a new artist: Stjepan Sejic of the #1 Amazon bestseller SUNSTONE[...]
Rat Queens Artist Leaves Title Over Allegations Of Domestic Abuse
Since then, a number of sites such as Mary Sue and Women Write About Comics followed up on our research. Today, Rat Queens co-creator and writer Kurtis Wiebe, who we initially contacted regarding the original article, posted an account of his reaction on his blog During which he announced. As of today, Roc Upchurch will no longer be illustrating Rat[...]
Image Watch: Like Saga? Sex Criminals? Lumberjanes? Read Rat Queens.
By David Dissanayake I just picked up the first volume of the Image Comics series Rat Queens by  Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchuch, and I have  fallen madly in love with it  I think you will too. I make the comparison to the other three books in this article's title because they really are in similar a vein[...]
The Nerdy Show Goes RPG Questing With Kurtis Wiebe And Roc Upchurch Of The Rat Queens
[audio:http://nerdyshow.com/podcast/pods/nerdyshow170.mp3] Special Bleeding Cool guest The Nerdy Show rolls forward through RPG month with this special podcast featuring the RPG enthusiasm of comic creators of the Image Comics series Rat Queens: Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. They say: RPG Month continues! Roleplaying is both a game and an exercise in creativity.  Those of us who roll the dice know,[...]
Peter Panzerfaust To Be A New BBC TV Show
Kurtis Wiebe at the Image Comics Panel just made an interesting surprise announcement. QT Digital and BBC Worldwide are to produce a fully voiced motion comic of his Image Comics series, Peter Panzerfaust, which retells the story of Peter Pan during the Second World War With the plan to then turn it into a BBC live[...]