Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion Finally Coming From Gerard Way And Gabriel Bá In 2018

Dark Horse ran a very visual presentation to retailers at the Diamond Retailers Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con this afternoon. We'll look at all of those in a minute, but this might be worth a highlight: despite the success of Young Animal at DC Comics, Gerard Way will finally deliver the long-promised Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion series with co-creator Gabriel Bá for Dark Horse.

First announced in 2009, the comic's third volume is now promised for 2018 — which could be in time for next San Diego Comic-Con!

umbrella academy: hotel oblivion

Back in a 2012 interview with ComicsAlliance, Way said this about the series:

"I think that right away I pretty much knew what I wanted series three to be about, and I knew it was going to be about this hotel that [Sir Reginald] Hargreeves had built to keep everybody that [The Umbrella Academy] encountered who were extremely dangerous – he built this hotel to keep them in this kind of pocket dimension. So I knew that right away, and I had this image in my head that I talked to Gabriel [Bá] about drawing and I said, 'This is definitely what it's going to look like.' It's a hotel a lot like this one. It's some old hotel. Then he created that image and I think we thought we were going to get it going a lot sooner than we have."

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