Video Trailer for Marvel Comics #1000 – as Mark Waid's Captain America Essay Amended Over Politics

Tomorrow sees the release of Marvel Comics #1000 in comic stores – after the early release over the weekend at D23. And we have the big trailer, talking to Marvel EIC C.B.Cebulski, editor Tom Brevoort and writer Al Ewing.

It comes as Fanboy Rampage-founder Graeme McMillan writes for The Hollywood Reporter that Marvel Comics appears to have amended the Captain American essay from the comic book to be less politically sensitive. He originally wrote the lines in previews of the comic in question, appearing as if spoken by Captain America, saying,

The system isn't just. We've treated some of our own abominably. Worse, we've perpetuated the myth that any American can become anything, can achieve anything, through sheer force of will. And that's not always true. This isn't the land of opportunity for everyone. The American ideals aren't always shared fairly. Yet without them, we have nothing.

VIDEO Trailer for Marvel Comics #1000 - as Mark Waid's Essay Amended Over Politics

America's systems are flawed, but they're our only mechanism with which to remedy inequality on a meaningful scale. Yes, it's hard and bloody work. But history has shown us that we can, bit by bit, right that system when enough of us get angry. When enough of us take to the streets and force those in power to listen. When enough of us call for revolution and say, 'Injustice will not stand.'

However on publication, THR states that the essay is a less critical essay directly credited to Waid,  more directly about Captain America, and  less critical of the United States, 'talking about the way in which Captain America's mask is worn as a reminder that Captain America is representative of an ideal, not a person.' And instead stating that,

"It's a commitment to fight every day for justice, for acceptance and equality, and for the rights of everyone in this nation. At its best, this is a good country filled with people who recognize that those—not hatred, not bigotry, not exclusion—are the values of true patriotism,"

As THR note, this comes shortly after Art Spiegelman talked about Marvel making him remove a reference to The Orange Skull, referring to Donald Trump, in his introduction to the Folio Society collection of Golden Age Marvel Comics stories. And his suggestion that this may have something to do with Marvel Chair being Ike Perlmutter, one of Donald Trumps's biggest donors, personal friends and serving as part of the current administration, regarding Veterans Affairs.

Let's run a few screencaps from the trailer, below…



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