Viz Comic #284 Puts Game Of Thrones on the Cover

Here's the cover by Graham Dury to Britain's best-selling comic book, Viz #284, out this week, that reflects a certain Game Of Thrones vibe in the issue. With the Fat Slags riding a dragon, burning Sid The Sexist's arse while Mrs Brady, Oldy Lady and her friend Dolly wait for the bus to Westeros….

Sadly no sign in the comic strips themselves, though Sid is off to a stag do in Prague where they have filmed the show, the Fat Slags get a Fitbit and Mrs Brady, Old Lady, are watching the neighbours with binoculars.

Instead we get a series of tabloid-style features, with Christopher Biggins' pantomime widow roles in the final series of the TV show, HBO's announcement of and EPSON printer getting product placement in 'Printer Is Coming', a Game Of Thrones bus tour around places where the series wasn't filmed, and a guide to how which biscuits you choose to watch the show define your sex life in comparison to which character. Apparently eating a Bourbon means you are down for incest.

There's also the debut of Headgear Allan Poe, the presenters of ITV's This Morning being called upon by Churchill to fight in the Battle of Britain and Drunken Bakers address the fall of the high street with some modern day marketing methods.

Viz #28 is out nowish.

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