Warrior Chicken Poyo, Foiled, Launched And Reviewed At San Diego Comic Con

Peter S. Svensson, fueled by Gatorade, reviews Warrior Chicken Poyo for Bleeding Cool.

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This Chew-spin-off semi-annual-ish one-hot premiered at Comic Con, a week before it hits stores. It's a fantasy adventure comedy about a cyborg luchador secret agent who is also a rooster, all complete in 20 pages.

Chew is both the funniest and the most emotional comic on the market. Rob Guillory's art is energetic and dynamic, with enough Easter eggs to get you rereading every issue twice. John Layman is an underrated writer, managing to hit the right note of black humor, intrigue and mysteries that actually pay off over time which make Chew one of the absolute best books Image produces.

BUT! This… isn't actually an issue of Chew. See, one year John Layman had the silly idea of publishing one issue a year ahead of schedule, since as he's gotten the whole series mapped out and well, to fill the gap he created, a special featuring Poyo, the world's greatest secret agent was made! It's probably non-canon. Basically, due to excessive popularity, and a desire to keep the absurdity inherent in a cyborg luchador secret agent rooster from overwhelming the main series, Poyo now gets an annual by the same creative team as the ongoing, where the adventures of an ass-kicking rooster can be properly chronicled. Also, each issue ends with a totally fake teaser for next time. This should have been Deep Space Poyo accordingly to the ending of 2012's Secret Agent Poyo, but we can't have everything we want, right? World Crime League Baby!

So, next time Layman and/or Guillory are doing a signing at the Image Booth, they will have the Convention Exclusive variant, with a metallic cover homaging the classic Dungeons and Dragons player's handbook for sale at $10. (wait, is this a fantasy comic not being written by Jim Zub? Something has gone horribly wrong!)  It's got magic powers, a grand quest, horrible, horrible deaths, and a top secret reveal on the final page. Also a ass-kicking secret agent luchador cyborg rooster fighting fantasy creatures alongside many familiar faces. (And two really familiar backsides!)

Peter S. Svensson would like to remind you all to attend the Pro/Fan Trivia Contest on 4:00 PM Sunday, where he will be competing for the Fan team. Also, he's on staff for the official Power Rangers convention, Power Morphicon, which is at booth #1000!

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