Why Gerado Sandoval Ended Up At Marvel Instead Of DC, And The (SPOILERS) Future Of Spider-Gwen?

UPDATE: Luis Gantús, Los Forasteros host and organizer of Festo comic book convention, has sent a statement on behalf of Los Forasteros.

"The content posted in your Bleeding Cool article is taken ridiculously out of context, and any Spanish-speaking person can easily notice it. The problem lies with an Anglosphere native editorial staff who has taken at face value the erroneous information. Humberto is preparing to address what he said about Eddie personally, and he will make it clear that any of the spoilers you published is an speculation by Bleeding Cool since they weren't mentioned by him at all in the broadcast. All he said was Spidey fans will probably complain about what is to come.

"Gerardo Sandoval is a mighty talented artist who has made himself a name since the late nineties. He was doing Top Cow's Tomb Raider years before he met Eddie Berganza.

"Gerardo submitted his portfolio for revision using an alias, just like everybody else. He was picked by a committee of professional artists, including Ramos, to have a personal interview with the editor. From that interview forward, everything transpired has been at the discretion of the editors from Marvel and DC (C.B. Cebulski has joined our portfolio revisions twice in the past too).

"Everyone at Los Forasteros is an active comic book creator, yet only Humberto has a contract with Marvel, that should tell you something about how Humberto is not in any way the "pimp" of Mexican people who break into the American market.

"We don't know who your source was for the article, but we believe this report was made in bad faith and animosity towards Ramos and the people in the show. We want nothing but the best for all comic book artists and publishers who we know work hard to give the consumers the stories they deserve, an we hope and invite the Bleeding Cool editorial to check with us, and double-check the facts in the future.

"We wish you the best of luck."

And Sandoval adds:

"Humberto Ramos' answer in the face of such silliness denotes how Bleeding Cool's article was very defamatory, and done in an irresponsible manner. It is filled with lies about what ensued in my visi to Los Forasteros show, making it look as if Ramos was responsible for my job at Marvel, and also like he was attacking Eddie Berganza, DC Comics editor and a beloved friend of all of us.

In my case, it sounds like Humberto came to my aid regarding my contract with Marvel. This is what I have to tell the people at Bleeding Cool and the public:

Yes, Los Forasteros brought Eddie Berganza to 2013's Festo and that's where I met him.

No, not Humberto, not Gantús, not Olea, none of them introduced me to Eddie. The other ten people selected for an interview can testify to this. We all met in private with the editor, one by one, and Humberto was never around for any of the interviews. We were all treated the same way.

No, Eddie didn't lure me with promises. We were always clear on the status of the process regarding my sample pages for DC and adjusting my pencils to meet the house style, something every aspiring artist for DC must do.

NO, let me say it again, NO. Humberto Ramos did not diss Eddie and plotted to take me away with C.B. for Marvel Comics. C.B. saw my sample pages on Twitter and contacted me so I could send Marvel some samples.

In the Forasteros episode in question, Humberto never pronounced the words assumed in the article by Bleeding Cool about an invitation to break into Marvel. No Spider-Man spoilers of future plans for the series was mentioned.
The content of the transmission was badly translated and sent to the Bleeding Cool editors. And it hurts their reputation to not verify their information. Whoever sent this report was looking to inconvenience all of us, including you. Bleeding Cool's guys."

The original article runs below:

Beer, original art and microphones that fall over…


Los Forasteros is a radio show, with Humberto Ramos and friends that airs every Tuesday night. You can watch the YouTube film of the entire show above. As you can see it's riotous, not exactly serious and aided by the consumption of alcohol.

In this edition they invited Gerardo Sandoval, the new penciler of Guardians 3000, and in the interview Humberto talked about how Gerardo ended up at Marvel. Translated as,

"I connected him with Eddie Berganza (Group Editor at DC), and for months he… held Gerardo with promises to get him in to DC Comics…

"Then I told CB (Cebulski – Marvel's ex-new Talent guy) to check his work, CB loved it and the rest is history."

And… now here's where the spoilers come. This may be a big spoiler for the end of Spider-Verse, so it's time to put up the big logo.


Later in the broadcast, Humberto stated that people will be again angry with Spider-Man writer Dan Slott at the end of the current storyline, Spider-Verse. Not because he'll have someone else take over Peter Parker's mind again, but that the real Spider-Man will be lost in another reality.

And in the Marvel Universe? His role in New York, and in the comic, will be replaced for months by the Spider-Gwen Stacy from Edge Of Spider-Verse.


Okay, so not everyone will be furious.

And by the end of the show, Gerardo Sandoval revealed for the first time his new cover  for Guardians 3000.

humbertoWell, quite a few things had been revealed by then.


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