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WildCATS' Zealot Is The Fourth Member Of The New Birds Of Prey

Kelly Thompson has tweeted out the identity of the fourth member of her upcoming ongoing Birds Of Prey. And it's Zealot.

Kelly Thompson has tweeted out the identity of the fourth member of her upcoming ongoing Birds Of Prey series to be drawn by Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire on art.  "Zealot will do the cutting. Ooop. That got dark. #BreakingHeartsAndFaces One more to go!" Will that be Harley Quinn

WildCATS' Zealot Is The Fourth Member Of The New Birds Of Prey


Zealot was created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee, first appearing in WildC.A.T.s #1. in 1992 as a deadly Kherubim warrior and super-hero in the Wildstorm Universe. A long-living High Lord of Khera, stranded on Earth for centuries after a battle with the Daemonites, she would go on to join the super-hero team WildC.A.T.S and now part of the DC Universe, and of late has been appearing alongside Wonder Woman and Angel Breaker.

Previously. Thompson tweeted "An all-new era begins! Thompson, @Leo__Romero & #Bellaire… breaking hearts & faces over @DCComics this fall! Black Canary is building the most dangerous #BirdsOfPrey team yet… who do YOU think will make the cut? 💙🖤❤️💙❤️ #BOP… Erm. Guess that should have been @DCOfficial. Sorry guys, first day jitters."

And are the heart colours specifically chosen as hints to the Birds Of Prey characters making the cut? "…MAYYYYYYBE?" Well, we have two blue hearts, one black heart and two red hearts. Now Big Barda and Cassandra Cain's Batgirl have been annoucned by Kelly as new members.

Kelly tweeted "I mean, have you even MET me? Of course she's on the team. Cassandra Cain. " and "The will of the people cannot be denied. BARDA! BARDA! BARDA! You thought we were joking about that #BreakingFaces bit? Two spots remain on the most dangerous #BirdsofPrey yet, who else is on Dinah's list?" Harley Quinn presumably has to be one of the Birds Of Prey red hearts, Batgirl is a black heart but is Big Barda seen as Blue or Red? Kelly tells us "This was blue (I tend to think of her as blue because she feels blue without the cape) but an argument can absolutely be made for red (certainly the bikini costume would be good evidence she should be red). Either way, one "red" left." Must be Harley Quinn…

So what else. Is Birds Of Prey ongoing? "More information coming this week! Buuuuut… I don't change all my social media icons for a mini." And she has. Who will be a member? Not Ted Kord. "We're sticking with the traditional all-ladies vibe for this arc (well, for the "official team" at least)." And we are to expect big names. "Yes, but also we'd like the book to sell/do well. It's hard to feature a lot of unknowns and also do that as it's a tough market out there." As for the timing? "Solicit and covers will show up in DC Solicits/Previews Stuff next week I believe? Book debuts in September."

One Birds Of Prey member left…

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Birds of Prey is a superhero team published by DC Comics since 1996, initially a partnership between Black Canary and Barbara Gordon as Oracle, but has expanded to include other superheroines. Conceived by Jordan B. Gorfinkel, named by Frank Pittarese and originally written by Chuck Dixon, Gail Simone is most associated with the comic, as she write it from issue #56 to #108. So much so that Barbara Gordon's full name was recently revealed to be Barbara Gail Simone. The Birds of Prey had a live-action TV series in 2002 and a film in 2020, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn).


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