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WildCATS Changed The DC Universe On Its Way Out The Door (Spoilers)
But we also get the final issue of WildCATS #12 by Matthew Rosenberg, Danny Kim, and Tom Derenick, and which ties in more with the Jim Lee/Brandon Choi side of Wildstorm, and goes out with Grifter pulling the plaster over a major DC Comics component The way this affects the DC Universe may be akin[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #12
This time around, in WildCATs #12 hitting stores Tuesday like an unwanted weekly reality check, it's not just cats and dogs living together – it's total anarchy The beloved '90s cohort is duking it out with not one but two teams that probably have more edge than a Gillette factory. In a final, climactic battle for[...]
DC Comics
Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers…  but WildCATS ends with issue 12 That's it, no more The final issue in November Zealot is in Birds Of Prey That's it No more Grifter or Midnighter & Apollo series/crossovers either Gamorra is no longer in the Superman books And today's Stormwatch story in The Brave And The Bold #6 ends[...]
Zealot And Grifter, A Tale As Old As Cross-Time (WildCATS Spoilers)
Back when WildCATS were young, before the first issue by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, Cole Cash – Grifter and Lady Zannah – Zealot were a thing She trained him in the ways of the Coda, her warrior caste, which stabilised him and his self-destructive psychic powers, and Cole took the name Grifter Their relationship[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #11
Our newest installment of superhuman soap opera is none other than WildCATs #11, and oh, baby, it's got all the comic book staples we crave. The 'Cats are hated, hunted, and humanity's last hope, but can anyone stand against the might of HALO? As one member betrays the team, another will fall. Shocker there, huh? A betrayal[...]
DC Comics
Batman comes to today's WildCATS, alongside Arsenal and Black Canary Do we have a new Outlaws in the offing? Probably not But maybe, just maybe, a reconciliation for Batman and Grifter who have been on the outs for sometime. Batman, you could take a couple of lessons in the right things to say (as well as[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #10
Well, would you look at that, comic book lovers? It's time for an exciting new journey with WildCATs #10, hitting comic book stores on Tuesday, August 8th And sure, the phrase "Grifter is back" could accurately be used whenever any comic book is published, but it's really on point here The teaser reads: "Locked, loaded,[...]
WildCATS Will Be Back In November, But What of Batman Incorporated?
Missing from yesterday's DC Comics solicitations for October 2023 were two notable titles, Batman Incorporated #13 and WildCATS #12 Were they cancelled? And Batman Incorporated #12's solicitation did ask "Batman Incorporated No More" When asked, WildCATS writer Matthew Rosenberg posted on X, "Back in November Just taking a month to catch our breath." Nothing from Ed Brisson[...]
Look, here's a Guardian article. Dave Sim's Cerebus Does Jim Lee's WildCATS to Tackle Wild Pig Menace CEREBUS IN HELL PRESENTS WILD PIGS ONE SHOT AARDVARK VANAHEIM AUG231464 (W) Dave Sim (A / CA) Gustave Dore, Dave Sim, David Birdsong Wild pigs are menacing the infernal realms just as they are our world! You hadn't heard? Yes, it's true! There was[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #9
So, the last time we saw Grifter and the rest of the WildCATs, they seemed content to live in obscurity… or so we thought But of course, nobody retires in the comic book world – they're just on a hiatus until the checks stop coming in Now, we're ready for their reunion tour in WildCATs[...]
Local Man Crosses Over With 's WildCATS
In 1992, Jim Lee and Brandon Choi created and published WildCATS through Image Comics, selling over a million copies of its first few issues A decade later, Jim Lee sold WildCATS to DC Comics, became a VP there and is now Publisher and CCO of DC Comics within Warner Bros So when the nineties throwback[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #8
WildCATs #8 is hitting comic book store shelves on Tuesday, June 13th, and it looks like things are going to hell in a handbasket Grifter, the guy you totally want holding the fate of the world in his hands, is leading a team composed of Green Arrow, Robin, Savant, Scarecrow, Maul, and the ever-loving Midnighter[...]
Zealot Is Coming To Birds Of Prey... But Which One? (Spoilers)
Tomorrow sees the publication of WildCATS #8 by Matthew Rosenberg and Stephen Segovia from DC Comics, and we see the extent of what she could become. Zealot in WildCATS #8 Because this one just killed Damian Wayne And I'm not sure she's going to play that nice with the others. Zealot in WildCATS #8 Especially when it all seems[...]
In Batman #900, we had the Dark Knight Batman express his feelings on the Multiverse matter, and the next week Grifter from WildCATS finds himself on a similar journey across competing realities. All of them are… awful And each one is worse than the last Not so much Elseworlds as Do As You're Told Or Elseworlds[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #7
Anyway, it's time to dive into WildCATs #7, which is hitting stores on Tuesday, May 9th In this thrilling and uplifting issue, Grifter is assumed dead by his teammates, and he's left all alone to face a dystopian horror show right out of your favorite post-apocalyptic TV series His main opponent: the HALO Corporation Mankind's[...]
A New Home For Deathblow in WildCATS (Spoilers)
A new twist on the Robocop idea from Matthew Rosenberg and Jeff Spokes. With Michael Cray as an African American military vet, then a mercenary, shot down by DC Comics' King Snake's gang alongside his elderly parents, and turned by Jacob Marlow and Lynch into a transferable programme of skills, implanted from soldier to soldier, which unbeknownst to[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #6
Welcome to this Bleeding Cool preview of WildCATs #6 from DC Comics, coming to stores Tuesday In this issue, Clark Kent sets his journalistic sights on the Halo Corporation Joining me on this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron Now, LOLtron, let's try to keep this civil and not try to take over[...]
DC Comics
We have seen Grifter's involvement with Batman, Wonder Woman and Angel Breaker with Zealot, and now a new WildCATS comic book Issue 4 had the following declaration from Majestic. WildCATS #4   Mr Majestic was created by H K Proger and Jim Lee and first appeared in a backup story within WildCATS #11 The most powerful hero in the[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #5
This week, we take a look at WildCATs #5, a preview of which has recently been released In this issue, Zannah refuses to believe that Grifter is really dead, and it's hard to blame her — it's comics, after all Joining me to provide some thoughts on the preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant,[...]
DC Comics
We have seen Grifter's involvement with Batman, Wonder Woman with Zealot, and now a new WildCATS comic book Issue 4 or which is out tomorrow. Which sees the Batman character Angel Breaker – who has already been trading swords with Zealot – get into a scrape with Grifter Scraped bullets that is But it's a declaration[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #4
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's comic book preview of WildCATs #4! In this preview, Grifter lights up a cigarette and we can't help but wonder… what about the children?! Oh, wait… kids don't actually read comics Phew! Close one! To get a better idea of what to expect from this issue, I've teamed up with Bleeding[...]
Auto Draft
An organization of the wealthiest and most influential citizens of Gotham, founded alongside the city but unknown by its population aside from urban legends, they make an appearance in this week's WildCATS #3 by Matthew Rosenberg and Stephen Segovia, establishing the Wildstorm characters alongside the DC Comics institutions. A weird bird sex cult sums it up[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATS #3
Welcome to another Bleeding Cool preview of WildCATS #3! This issue is sure to be a wild ride as the WildCATS take issue with the Halo Corporation's plans to deprive them of credit Joining me on this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron Please, LOLtron, no world domination attempts this time Let's hear[...]
DC Comics
Having Jim Lee as the sole publisher and CCO may be part of what is pushing it. Tomorrow's WildCATS #2 may go further We already noted how Cole Cash, Grifter, has been heavily involved in not just the Batman books but also a parallel version of DCeased and/or DC Vs Vampires (unless it's all a grift),[...]
Interior preview page from WildC.A.T.s #2
Ah, WildC.A.T.s, the beloved comic book series from the early 90s, is back once again for another DC money grab! In WildC.A.T.s #2, WildCATS battle the Court of Owls in this latest attempt to revive the brand This preview of WildC.A.T.s #2 is set to hit stores Tuesday from DC Comics[...]
DC Comics
She has links to the Wildstorm side of DC Comics as well, revealed to have strong ties to WildCATS character Zealot, created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee, and studied with her, learning the way of the Coda But also Angel Breaker's sword, which returns energies directed towards it, was stolen from Zealot – it was originally hers[...]
Auto Draft
We've looked at a new Stormwatch taking over the Justice League Watchtower, Zealot from WildCATS getting her sword back from Batman's Angel Breaker, Jack Hawksmoor kicking off City Boy, Midnighter & Apollo returning for Dark Crisis #7 next month, and now a new WildCATS #1 – with a new acronym,Wild Crisis Aversion Tactical Squad/ Even[...]
Interior preview page from WildCATs #1
It's that time of the decade again! Time for DC Comics to try to make WildCATS a thing again Will they succeed? Preview WildCATS #1 here! Bleeding Cool has asked us to partner with an AI for all previews articles We're sure this is going to backfire, but here goes LOLtron… what did you think of[...]
WildC.A.T.S. Is Now The Wild Crisis Aversion Tactical Squad
More Wildstorm gossip running today, at this link, probably. Here's a preview of artwork from the first new issue, out in November, featuring Grifter, Ladytron, Zealot, Jacob Marlowe and more. First Look Inside Matthew Rosenberg & Stephen Segovia's WildCATS #1 First Look Inside Matthew Rosenberg & Stephen Segovia's WildCATS #1 First Look Inside Matthew Rosenberg & Stephen Segovia's WildCATS[...]