Wolverine's New Look Grows On You – Krakoan X-Men Spoilers This Week

Sometimes you can read too much into Marvel Comics continuity, especially X-Men. Such as this panel from Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1 published today. With Spider-Man getting a Moon Knight suit for a gala… is that the Hellfire Gala? After all, Maty Jane Watson is attending, even if it's actually Moira Mactaggert wearing her like a skin…

Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1
Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1

Everyone seems to want to come to Krakoa these days, whether it's for a party or for a full-scale invasion from Monster Island courtesy of Xenmu and X-Men Unlimited Infinity this week…


Sorry, sorry, King Xemnu, it's so important to get titles right at events such as the Hellfire Gala, or with invading monstrous armies swarming through a Krakoan gate.


Even though, on the island of Krakoa itself, most of the notable residents are in New York or off in space. Sometimes, such as in X-Men #11, it's harder to tell the difference.

Marvel Comics

As fungal intergalactic gangster boss, Cordyceps Jones puts their moves on the X-Men and gives us a brand new design for Wolverine in the process.


Pepe Larraz is the new Jim Lee, right? And X-Men continues to be the place to show off his skills.


Marvel Comics


While Jean Grey gives us a little Official Guide To The Marvel Universe precis. While those aside from Jones looking to tear down Krakoa… aside from King Xenmy, the Hordeculture, the Children of The Vault and the Russians. You know, Orchis, the anti-mutant conglomerate created by time-travelling robots from the future trying to avert a mutant paradise that dooms the invasion by techno-organic beings, have Doctor Stasis precis what Captain America has been saying about the mutants and Krakoa.

Marvel Comics

A "buffer" language used by all manner of countries engaged in violence, aggressive or defensive, against their neighbours, whether that by the USA, Vietnam, Cuba, Israel or Russia. Looks like Captain America did bone up on his history after coming out of the ice. But who is this flamboyant Doctor Stasis, who seems to have Orchis all of a flutter, anyway?

Marvel Comics

There were lots of theories that this was Mister Sinister in disguise, playing one side against the other, for his own genetic experimenting desires. And you know, if you thought that, you weren't right…

Marvel Comics

But you weren't entirely wrong either. Is this a Mister Sinister who was ejected from the club? Not exactly a diamond geezer… and is this why Sinister will be condemned to the Pit?

The Latest Gossip From Bar Sinister

Also, somewhere he is unable to use his Moira Mactaggert chimera to reset the timelines? Remember this one?


How will Immortal X-Men handle this one?

X-MEN #11
(W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Pepe Larraz
The women of the X-Men are heading for the hottest action in the galaxy – Gameworld! But if it's true that the house always wins, our X-Ladies might be in over their heads…
RATED T+In Shops: May 11, 2022
SRP: $3.99

(W) Jonathan Hickman, Various (A) Chris Bachalo, Various (CA) Bill Sienkiewicz
A bevy of comicdom's finest creators put their mark upon the Fist of Khonshu in stories depicted in stark black, white and blood-red! Jonathan Hickman and Chris Bachalo introduce the all-different Moon Knight of the future! Marc Guggenheim and Jorge Fornés tell a Moon Knight adventure in reverse!
And Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande team the white-clad crusader up with the Amazing Spider-Man for a harrowing night of adventure!
PARENTAL ADVISORYIn Shops: May 11, 2022
SRP: $4.99

X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic (2021) #34
Published:May 09, 2022
Part 3 of "Downtime." A stranded Madrox and Strong Guy encounter classic Marvel monsters on their vacation-gone-wrong!

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