Is Wonder Woman Getting A New Costume For Dark Nights: Metal?


Last week, we showed you some art Greg Capullo has been working on for the upcoming super-mega-crossover event Dark Nights: Metal, the super-mega-crossover event of the Summer with writer Scott Snyder that will lead into the Dark Matter line of books, as foretold by the great prophet Danstrodidimos:

Yesterday, Capullo showed off another piece of Wonder Woman art from the event, and this one makes clear that there's something different about Diana:

Cosmic Book News was the first to notice it: Wonder Woman seems to have a new costume for the event. With a new belt and a breastplate featuring some kind of snake symbol. Does the snake have some kind of significance, or is it just because snakes are metal as ****?


It's too early to tell, but honestly, we just assumed everyone in this event would be wearing bad *** heavy metal costumes as part of the whole theme. In other words, it looks like Wonder Woman may well be getting a new costume in Metal, and it looks like Capullo is working hard on it, but it also might just be a temporary change for the event.

When we find out more, we'll let you know! Until then, ask yourself: is that a giant toothed monster Wonder Woman is fighting in that picture?


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